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Ms. Anna S. Timokhina (Russia)

Ms. Timokhina began her career in MUNRFE with attending the Vladivostok Club Autumn Master Classes 2015. After its successful completion, she took part in the Annual MUNRFE Conference 2015.

In 2016, Anna took part in the first UN4MUN Conference in Russia – Far Eastern Model UN 2016 - and became a recipient of the Diplomacy Award and a member of the MUNRFE delegation to the National Model UN in Kobe, Japan, 2016 where her team got a Distinguished Delegation award. Using the experience gained at the abovementioned high-level events, Ms. Timokhina further showcased her skills at the MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference in the World Bank, where she earned an Outstanding Delegate award and thus was credentialed to participate at the National Model UN in New York 2017, in which she became a member of an Honorable Mention Delegation. Further, Anna was a Secretary of the General Assembly Second Committee at the Far Eastern Model United Nations 2017. Moreover, in July 2017 Anna was an adviser in frames of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities Undergraduate Leaders’ Program 2017 that gathered 50 young leaders from all over the Asia-Pacific. Currently, Ms. Timokhina performs the duties of Vice President of the Vladivostok MUNRFE Club.

“Dear delegates, it is my deepest privilege to perform the duties of the Secretary-General of the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017! I sincerely hope you will enjoy everything we are preparing for you and you will take only the best from this Conference. Remember the rule that huge accomplishments can be achieved only in case you work hard, respect the opinion of others, strive to conquer new heights and this Conference will give you as much as you want. See you all in December!”

Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management

Ms. Julia E. Nedelkina (Russia)


Ms. Julia Nedelkina became a part of MUNRFE after the summer project “Firestarter 2013” (Vladivostok). She has been involved in the Organization’s activities in various capacities, such as performing the duties of Finance Manager in both the Blagoveshchensk and Vladivostok Clubs, serving as the Vice-Coordinator of Master Classes (Blagoveshchensk, 2014), and as the Vice-President of the Blagoveshchensk Club. Also, she has been a member of the working groups of the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2015 (Khabarovsk), and MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference (Vladivostok, 2016). Besides that, Ms. Nedelkina was recognized with an Outstanding Delegate award and her team became an Outstanding Delegation at the MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference (Vladivostok, 2016). As a result, Ms. Nedelkina became a part of the MUNRFE delegation at the National Model UN (New York, 2017). The delegation was granted with an Honorable Mention Delegation award. Also, she performed the duties of the Secretary of the General Assembly Sixth Committee at the Far Eastern Model United Nations 2017.

«Luck belongs to you all; success belongs to the determined, the focused and the courageous who have purpose, work hard, and believe in dogged pursuit of their goals»

Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs – Security Council President

Mr. Jesse E. Thomas (United States)

Jesse Thomas is a quite experienced member of MUNRFE. He has been a member of MUNRFE since Fall 2013, during which he participated in the Autumn Master Classes at Far Eastern Federal University. Since this time, Jesse has been an active member of the organization and has participated in many conferences and projects both as a delegate and as a Secretariat officer. His accomplishments as a delegate include being a winner of the 12th International Conference on December 2013, where he debated in the Human Rights Council and was elected as the rapporteur for the committee. Consequently, he was a member of the MUNRFE team that participated at the National Model United Nations Conference in New York (2014), where the team won the “Outstanding Delegation” award, the highest award available at the conference. Since that time, Jesse has been in the Secretariat for numerous MUNRFE Conferences: USG for Communications and Public Information at the Regional Conference 2014, Vice-Chairperson of the World Bank Committee at the Annual Conference 2014, Secretary-General of the Regional MUNRFE Conference 2015, held in Blagoveshchensk, USG for Political, Economic, and Social affairs at the Far Eastern Model UN 2016 and the USG for Political Affairs and SC President at the Annual Conference 2016. Additionally, he was an adviser at FireStarter 2014. Furthermore, Jesse has advised several teams for various international and MUNRFE Conferences, including the adviser of the MUNRFE delegation to the National Model UN Conference in New York in 2017, where the team he guided took an Honorable Mention award as one of the best teams. Finally, Jesse has served as the MUNRFE Counselor of External Affairs from January-July 2017. His education includes a B.A. in History and Political Science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (2012) and an M.A. in International Relations from Far Eastern Federal University (2015). Currently, Jesse is a teacher of English at Educational Center Lingva-Plus in Artem.

“Do not hesitate to seize the moment. The opportunity to represent MUNRFE in New York is in front of you. Do you have what it takes to grab it? I wish all delegates the best of luck, and I sincerely hope to preside over a committee of knowledgeable, hard-working individuals brimming with the desire to develop themselves.”


Chairperson, Comission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Ms. Elena Kiseleva (Vladivostok, Russia)

Ms. Elena Kiseleva has been involved in MUNRFE since the year of 2011. Her broad experience is proven by several recognitions as an Outstanding Delegate and a member of an Outstanding Delegation at various MUNRFE conferences. Ms. Kiseleva has significant international experience, having attended two National Model UN Conferences in New York, USA (2015), Incheon, Korea (2013), and UN4MUN Workshop in Tokyo, Japan (2014). Elena has served as a Secretary-General of two MUNRFE conferences: MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference and the Far Eastern Model UN 2016. Besides, Elena became a winner of the Grant Competition of MIMUN 2016 in MGIMO, Moscow. Furthermore, she became an adviser of MUNRFE delegation to the NMUN – Japan 2016 and led the delegation to an amazing success of four awards of a different kind. She served a Secretary at the upcoming WFUNA International Model UN (WIMUN) 2017 organized in New York at the UN headquarters. Currently Elena is the USG for GA Affairs and Conference Management for the upcoming WIMUN 2018. In 2017 Elena became as a Lead Trainer at the WFUNA Youth Camp Korea and the Director of Security Council at WEMUN Expo in Beijing, China. Throughout her MUNRFE career Ms. Kiseleva has also implemented the V Regional MUNRFE Conference as the USG for Conference Management and FireStarter Summer Program 2015 as the Coordinator. She has performed the duties of MUNRFE Counselor (2014-2015) and Deputy Executive Director (2015-2016). Currently Elena is the Executive Director of MUNRFE.

“I wish the delegates of the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2018 to grasp new knowledge and development and, of course, to enjoy the event! I wish you to make this conference truly memorable and unforgettable experience. Good luck!”

Vice-Chairperson, Comission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Mr. Felix Portier (France)

MUNRFE will be Felix's second visit to Primorsky Krai and his thrid trip to the Far East since April 2017. He began his MUN experience in Spring 2016, at MGIMO's renown MIMUN. For his debut, where he represented Chile in the ICJ, he was given the Best Delegate Award. The following year, he represented the Russian Federation at MIMUN's Security Council, with an agenda devoted to North Korea. On this occasion, Felix received a Honorable mention for the work displayed in the committee. Right after MIMUN 2017 was over, Felix was flying to Vladivostok with an MGIMO delegation for a newly established study module exchange with FEFU. There, he had the chance to represent Russia for the second time in FEFU's simulation of the 6 Party Talks. Felix continued his specialization as a Russian delegate in June 2017, when he participated as the Russian Ambassador in AMUNC (Asia Pacific Model UN Conference) that was held in Hong Kong, where he also received a Special Mention. Recently, Felix was assigned the position of the Russian delegate to the SC for MIMUN 2018. Apart from his MUN activities, Felix has been an active member of MGIMO's student clubs FWD (Future World Diplomats), Negotiations Club and Latin-American Club, in which he participated in a number of conferences and diplomatic simulations. Felix also was a Judge in the French speaking chamber of the 2016 Moscow ECHR Model (European Court of Human Rights), where he received the Best Judge Award." In autumn, he attended the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students held in Sochi last October where he was selected to participate in the Global Politics foresight group. Before coming to MGIMO in 2015 enrolled in a BA in Global Governance and International Relations, he worked as Journalist for several newspapers in Switzerland. He is regularly invited to participate as a host in ''Que Pasa?'' program for Sputnik Radio in Spanish. Having lived in Australia and Switzerland with French, Chilean and Catalan roots, Felix possesses a genuine international background.

“Dear Delegates, welcome to MUNRFE! In order to be a successful delegate, you should always take into account the interests of the country you represent, but never forget that as a diplomat you are above all a peacemaker”

Chairperson, World Bank

Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova (Russia)


Model UN experience of Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova started from attending MUNRFE Autumn Master-Classes 2014. Later, Ms. Tretiakova became a delegate to the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2014 and Moscow International Model UN 2015, as well as she became an Outstanding Delegate of MUNRFE Regional and Annual Conferences 2015. Moreover, being a part of MUNRFE delegation to Indonesia MUN 2015, Ms. Tretiakova took a personal award of “The Most Outstanding Delegate”. Later on in 2016 Ms. Tretiakova participated in the National MUN 2016 in New York and became a part of the Honorable Mention Delegation there. Furthermore, Ms. Tretiakova implemented two Advanced Leadership Schools, including the one with the World Bank representatives. What is more, Ms. Tretiakova was actively involved in organization of the Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit as the PR manager and Manager on work with participants; the first UN4MUN Conference in Russia – Far Eastern Model UN 2016 as an Assistant Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management; IX Academic and Research Conference “Russia – XXI century” as a member of the Organizing Committee, MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference as an Under-Secretary- General for Conference Management and Far Eastern Model UN 2017 as a Secretary-General. In 2016 Ms. Tretiakova represented MUNRFE at the Fourth Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit in Cambodia. Throughout her MUNRFE membership Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova performed the duties of Vladivostok Club Finance Manager, Vice-President and President.

“Dear delegates, I hope you will fully plunge into the atmosphere of debates and through that institution enhance your leadership, communication and public speaking skills. Once I have decided to try the MUN and this step brought to the certain success in my life, therefore, I wish you to start discovering your path to further achievements and growth. Let’s meet at the Conference and develop together!”



Vice-Chairperson, World Bank

Mr. Christian Wollny (Germany)


Christian is a German-American from Hamburg, Germany. For his studies, he moved to Moscow where he is currently a student of International Relations at MGIMO University. Together with his friends, he founded “Future World Diplomats” (FWD), MGIMO’s only English-speaking student club with the aim of connecting with other universities worldwide. FWD organizes videoconferences with universities such as Cambridge (UK), Georgetown (USA), Science Po (France), or even ITAM (Mexico). FWD have just finished their first conference together with UNWE in Bulgaria, called the “Sofia Model Balkan Union”, which is based on the MUN concept and ideals. Christian believes international relations function best at the personal level. By establishing dialogue, many of today’s issues can be combatted. While not necessarily abolished, dialogue enables understanding of the other side and can lead to an amicable solution. Christian’s interest in MUN started in his first year of study, when he participated at MIMUN (now C-MIMUN). Since then, he has participated in other MUNs all over the world, most notably in Cuba and Crimea. Christian will be chairing at GIMUN 2018 in Geneva. His interest in diplomacy, the UN and international affairs in general kept him in the world of MUN and lead him to the point of co-chairing the World Bank at MUNRFE. Christian is already looking forward to intense and fruitful debates in the World Bank which he hopes will bring along a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

"Dear Delegates! I look forward to meeting you all at this year’s MUNRFE conference in Vladivostok! Model UN is truly an extraordinary and unique experience the people you meet here are people that you will share that special bond with the rest of your life. Have fun!”



Chairperson, High-level political forum on sustainable development

Ms. Alexandra Kosyreva (Russia)


Ms. Alexandra Kosyreva became a member of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club in 2015. Later, at the Annual MUNRFE Conference 2015, she participated in the Economic and Social Council. May of 2016 was marked with a great accomplishment in the first UN4MUN Conference in Russia - Far Eastern Model UN (Vladivostok), where she debated in the General Assembly Third Committee. Ms. Kosyreva was part of an Outstanding Delegation and became a recipient of the Diplomacy Award as one of the best delegates, which granted her an opportunity to represent MUNRFE at the National Model UN (Kobe, 2016), where she received an Outstanding Delegate award along with Outstanding Position Paper and Outstanding Delegation awards. Moreover, at the MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference, Alexandra was recognized as an Outstanding Delegate, earning her the right to debate in New York. In March 2017, Ms. Kosyreva participated in the National Model UN (New York) as a delegate of Serbia to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization where her delegation received Honorable Mention Delegation award. In May 2017, Alexandra served as the Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management at the Far Eastern Model UN 2017 (Vladivostok).

“It is my greatest pleasure to see you as participants of the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017. I sincerely hope that this Conference will be an unforgettable experience that will become a starting point of your personal success. I wish you to create break-through ideas, to develop friendly competitiveness and to conquer new heights!”

Vice-Chairperson, High-level political forum on sustainable development

Mr. Caleb Oh (Republic of Korea)

Caleb is a student at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies studying International Studies. He has started MUN at the young age of 14 and has been interested ever since. Caleb has experiences varying from teaching MUN in different schools in China, hosting conferences as Secretary General, and teaching at WFUNA hosted camps that try to teach students about MUN in general. Caleb joined WIMUN in New York in 2015, 2016, and was in WIMUN India 2016 and have helped organize camps and conferences in China for UN4MUN. With over 50 conferences under his belt, Caleb has always tried to teach other MUN students about how to reach consensus rather than to debate and try to vote on resolutions like most MUN conferences are. Caleb leads an interesting life outside of International Relations and Model UN. Currently Caleb works as an A&R Coordinator, booking agent at the heart of the music industry in Seoul, Korea and also coordinates different events around Korea that involve different artists, politicians, or celebrities.