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MUNRFE would like to announce the Call for the position of the Secretariat officers at the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017. The Conference will be conducted on December 1-5, 2017 in Vladivostok, Russia, in Far Eastern Federal University. The main information is available via link:

Please, get acquainted with available positions:

1. Security Council Vice-President

2. World Bank Vice-Chairperson

3. Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Vice-Chairperson


Performance of duties of the Chairperson will allow you to have a look on the work of the delegates from another perspective and facilitate it. Secretariat serves as a face of the Conference and that is your chance to become a part of the organization of this event! Since this position requires a huge concentration and long-lasting teamwork, you will constantly develop your personality, attain new heights, and accomplish more complex tasks.

While applying for the Secretariat position, please, bear in mind that MUNRFE looks for applicants who suit the following requirements:


1. Possess profound knowledge in international relations and the work of the UN, strive to expand his/her background in related spheres;

2. Have former MUN experience as a delegate or a Secretariat officer;

3. Should be committed to get acquainted with MUNRFE Rules of Procedure and apply them appropriately;

3. Have fluent English (written and oral);

4. Always remain reliable, accountable and display professionalism all the time;

5. Are ready to get along with people, work in team as well as to support fellow Secretariat officers in all their endeavors. Applicants should also be glad to accept assistance from their colleagues and work collaboratively with them;

6. Will be available in Vladivostok from November 28 to December 6 and will participate in all events of the Conference.


Please, take into consideration the following responsibilities of the Secretariat officers:


- Preparation of the Background Guides on assigned agenda items;

- Learning MUNRFE Rules of Procedure and conducting trainings on procedural rules for the delegates;

- Chairing the committee (keeping track of the speakers list and draft resolutions, conducting roll-call and voting);

- Keeping protocol of the meetings;

- Providing advisory support for the delegates in terms of procedural and substantive matters during the Conference;

- Checking documents sent by the delegates (Country Profile, Policy Paper, Resolution);

- Attending Secretariat Training Week (at least 3 days prior the Conference);

- Following the deadlines set by Senior Secretariat.


What are the benefits of entering MUNRFE Secretariat?


- Have 10 % discount for accommodation costs in the Hotel Complex of Far Eastern Federal University for the time of the Conference;

- Receive Letter of Gratitude for the Contribution to the implementation of the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017 from the MUNRFE Executive Director and FEFU President’s office;

- Build up your CV by adding a position of a member of the Secretariat of the Conference, which shows your high competence in related spheres and social activeness;

- Work in a team comprised of international students from different majors with various ideas to share;

- Visit the city of Vladivostok and explore history, culture and different lifestyle of its citizens.


In order to become a part of the Secretariat, please, fill in the APPLICATION FORM

After filling in an application form, in 3 days an applicant will be contacted by the Secretariat in order to pass a Skype-interview in the English language. After several applicants pass an interview, the Secretariat will inform an applicant about its decision.


Please, be informed that MUNRFE does not cover any travel and other expenses of the Secretariat

MUNRFE follows its tradition of selecting members of the Secretariat from all over the world. Such diversification of backgrounds, experience and ideas will be conducive to moving committees in the right direction and fostering the values of leadership and global commitment among the youth.


The deadline for the Secretariat application process is 15 October, 2017.

If you have any questions, please, contact Secretary-General via e-mail: