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Autumn Master Classes 2019

The Autumn Master Classes (AMC) is an annual educational project, which has been implemented for more than 10 years by MUNRFE. Traditionally, the AMC attract young and gifted Russian and foreign students as well as assertive and ambitious high-schoolers.

Master Classes include a set of interactive lectures, various trainings and activities which provide everyone with an opportunity to put knowledge into practice, show leadership capacities, and implement amazing ideas. The whole event is conducted by MUNRFE experienced members – prizewinners of Model United Nations Conferences all over the world, such as in Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, and the United States of America.

AMC aim for MUNRFE members to share a priceless knowledge about concepts of leadership, goal-setting, and time management, as well as provide effective public speaking techniques. It is worth noticing that AMC 2019 highlight gaining knowledge in the sphere of international relations, in particular, about the United Nations.

At the very end of the project, attendees will demonstrate obtained knowledge through participation at the Final Conference in the format of the Model UN simulation. At the Conference, young leaders will act as real diplomats, defending the interests of an assigned state at one of the UN committees.










What benefits will participants gain from their participation in the Master Classes?


  • First of all, the increased level of English proficiency mastered by listening to lectures in English, constantly practicing speaking skills on a broad variety of topics – starting from day-to-day things and finishing with global issues.
  • Secondly, the participants will feel personal growth. They will learn how to be a true leader, to set the right goals and to achieve them, to speak to a huge crowd and still be listened to, and much more!
  • Thirdly, participation in the AMC opens the doors of the MUN world which is truly fascinating. Participants will get acquainted with the secrets of successful negotiations, consensus-building, debates and diplomacy.
  • Finally, the AMC is about new acquaintances and friends, exchange of ideas, as well as sharing new cultural experience.


Feedbacks from former participants.

Vladivostok MUNRFE Master Classes


Kamilla Dogui-Ool, FEFU, Linguistics, 2nd year

“I had always wanted to overcome my fear of public-speaking that developed at high school but I didn't know how to start. But then I joined Master Classes and realized that it is not scary but amazing to perform in front of the public and to be heard. Master Classes taught me precious public-speaking techniques and gave an opportunity to practice a lot.

I should say also that during Master Classes I met a few people who play a vital role in my life now. I am endlessly grateful for it. Also, I became much more confident in my abilities and discovered that any obstacle is a real opportunity

I believe everyone should experience being a part of Master Classes. Just in one month you will change and develop a lot, and the outcomes of this bright event will start to appear in different spheres of your life even after it is over!”


Maria Farieva, FEFU, International Relations, 2nd year

“It is true as before the Master-Classes I was afraid of doing many things such as speaking English with native speakers (I had a complex because of my Russian accent), delivering speeches in front of big audience and etc.

Moreover, before the Master-Classes I had no idea how the UN itself works, therefore I gained all the required knowledge about the UN structure, which came to be very useful due to my major.

I would definitely recommend others to take part in the project as sometimes partisipation in the project is a big challenge - you have to be organized, you have to overcome your procrastination in order to work in the team effectively.”


Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Master Classes


Ilya Kopot’, AmSU, Regional Studies, 4th year

“Well, it was my first MUN experience and I'm really glad that I had it here, in Blagoveshchensk! I learned lots of useful information about UN and international relations, as well as practiced fascinating techniques of public speaking, goal-setting and negotiating during the Master Classes.

Oh, and of course, the debates! It was so unforgettable to represent a real country and defend its interests while debating with other participants. First of all, I used to be really nervous to debate in this round-table room in AmSU, but when I've seen the eyes of my counterparts, I understood that I need to beat them all and become the best delegate of the Final Conference.

As a result, I've not managed to win those debates, but all this experience received during the Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Master Classes helped me to become more confident in International relations, public speaking, and, of course, in English!”


Anastasia Streltsova, AmSU, Information systems & technologies, 3rd year

“During the Master Classes I wiped out all of my fears of public speaking, learned how to REALLY deal with people and what do I need to become a leader. Furthermore, I got plenty of useful information about the geopolitics, United Nations, and international relations in general. Finally, I've improved my English skills significantly and, of course, met new friends!

Now I'm a third-year student in AmSU, and all of these things I've learned from those Master Classes really help me in my everyday life (when I need to deal with people or make up a presentation for some university project, for instance).

To sum up, I'd like to thank all my colleagues from the MUNRFE Blagoveshchensk Club for such unforgettable and priceless experience. Blago-go!”