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"Model United Nations of the Russian Far East"(MUNRFE) was founded in October 2000 in Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law by Jeffrey Lindstrom. After several months the first team of Russian MUN members went to San Francisco to compete at the international level with participants from other countries in the framework of "Model United Nations". The first visit the competition of such level brought astonishing results - Russian team ended up #5. Upon the return to Russia, the Firestarters decided to expand the Project to other cities. In May 2001 Jeffrey Lindstrom conducted MUN presentation in the Amur State University. As a result, a Blagoveschensk team was composed. In several months the MUNRFE Blagoveschensk branch was registered in the Amur State University, thus acquiring a legal status. 

A newly established branch of the MUNRFE Project started preparing for the First Regional MUNRFE Conference, which took place in February 2002 in Khabarovsk. According to the results of the Conference a team of 12 best delegates of the Russian Far East were chosen from approximately 60 delegates to represent the Organization at the 52 Session of MUN Far West (San Francisco, California). Among them there were three representatives of Blagoveschensk: Drobushevskiy Sergey, Malorosjanov Evgeniy, and Yanenko Sergey. On April 2002 the team departed to the USA. A tough competition lasted for several tense days. 

However, Russian delegation overcame numerous challenges with flying colors and for the first time in the history of International conferences a foreign team ended up #1 with an unprecedented result: 100% on document evaluation. After the success of MUNRFE in the USA the Project continued developing with a steadily increasing pace. 

In December 2002 the First International MUNRFE Conference was held in Vladivostok, where up to 100 delegates took part. This time Americans were invited to compete with Russian MUN members. When the Conference was over they admitted that the competitiveness of Russian Conference was of a much higher level. In team competition Blagoveschensk won the 2nd place. In April 2003 the Russian team came to San Francisco and in the tough competition proved that Russians are the best, thus making MUNRFE a "back-to-back" World Champions of 2002 and 2003. 

In the summer 2004 unique event was held- Summer Camp "FireStarter", it was not ordinary camp, besides traditional entertainments and sports programs, it was opportunity for all talented school students from the whole Russian Far East to develop their leadership potential and to improve English. Two-day conference, which was close to event, helped to understand the tendencies of in different countries of our world, were similar to the conferences conducted by the United Nations. 

In autumn of 2004 Blago elected a new president - Ksenia Kitaeva. The first steps of earning money marked her presidency - the club gave seminars on leadership for one of the banks of Blagoveschensk. Remarkably, that the club participated actively in such project of MUNRFE as Firestarter, and sent second largest delegations of pupils two times - in 2004 and 2005. 

Under advisorship of Alexandra Kosmach the Blagoveschensk club gained an unbelievable success: Two times in a row Blagoveschensk took the second team place - at the International Conferences of 2004 in Irkutsk and of 2005 in Vladivostok. In 2005 after the conference the next president was elected - Dima Gazzaev. The club also chose the second advisor- Marina Katynskaya (student of BSPU), one of the oldest members of Blago MUN. In May of 2005, Blagoveschensk was the host-town for the VIII Presidents' Council, when the Charter of MUNRFE was adopted by presidents. 
In autumn of 2005 Blagoveschensk held the elections and the new Blagoveschensk leadership was chosen - this time its structure was changed for the club got a president - Natasha Parfenova. (BSPU student), and Artem Danilov with Dima Gazzaev as the members of president's team. 

On 13th of September 2006, elections of new President were held, where Johanna Kirienko won. She organized a new autumn MUN school, giving the excellent example of good management. On 1-7 of December 2006, when V International Conference was held in Khabarovsk, a set of the projects were held: Forum on Self- Governance and Social Project ("Schools" and "Global Village"). All these events proved, that members of MUNRFE are professionals in many spheres, moreover, these events showed, that MUNRFE can be an organizer of different events. 

The year of 2007 was marked by organizing VI MUNRFE Conference by Blago club. Great event, devoted to tackling problems of the African continent, was held on the basis of the Amur State University. Five committees modeling the United Nations and the African Union bodies were represented and about one hundred delegates were the participants to the conference. The banquet was hold on the 2008 New Year Eve and was also marked by the bright event of two more Blago Club members becoming the part of San-Francisco 2008 team.

August 2008 was also a remarkable time for Blago MUNRFE. That summer the club aimed itself at conducting Summer Educational Program the FireStarter'08. That annual program was firstly conducted in Blago and that event was a significant achievement of the club. 55 participants, 12 adviser and several guests of the program spent two weeks in "Kolosok" summer camp, enjoying English, good weather and fun.

In the end of September after the Big MUN Presentation, the MUN autumn school was conducted. As a result, 8 new-comers joined Blago MUN club. It was a real success, because one of them, Polina Karimova, won VII International MUNRFE Conference during her first time being in Blago MUN club. She became the member of San-Francisco 2009 team presenting the United Kingdom. Six members from Blago club will also present North Korea in Beijing. Before future debates, Blago MUN will conduct President Council and spring school.

Blago Members - Winners of MUNRFE Conferences:
I Regional (Khabarovsk) - Sergey Drobushevskiy, Evgeniy Malorosjanov, and Sergey Yanenko.
I (Vladivostok) - Oxana Vychkina, Svetlana Kostromitinova, and Slava Shirokov.
III (Irkutsk) - Alexandra Kosmash
IV (Vladivostok) - Anastasia Mileshkina, Dmitriy Gazzaev, Artem Danilov, Maria Muravjova, Evgenia Timasheva and Natalia Vorobjeva.
II IT (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) - Evgenia Sinitsyna, Ksenia Kitaeva and Maria Tkacheva.
V (Khabarovsk) - Johanna Kirienko and Violetta Davydenko.
VI (Blagoveschensk) - Keira Petrukhina and Vera Serdyukova.
VII (Vladivostok) - Polina Karimova