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One For All

Summer Workshop on MUN debates
Written by MUNRFE   


Date: July 10-12, 2009

Place: Vladivostok


· - Promote debates in the clubs

· - Raise the level of debating skills of clubs’ members

· - Elaborate and suggest new debates techniques

· - Foster interaction between MUNRFE alumni and current members through sharing experience


· - Clubs’ members (for learning here and replicating practices in clubs):

· - Up to 4 representatives from each club (DF will cover 50% of travel expenses of 1-2 representatives per club)

· - Preferably participants are to be selected as a result of internal competition (and/or evaluation of their  previous experience)

· - Participants are to be registered by June 25. Names of participants and their countries’ preferences (up to 3) should be sent to Natalia Martynova (

· - MD Team

· - SF Teams’ representatives and Alumni (for sharing experience both at Master-class and in the debating process)

· - General requirement to participant is that they should come prepared to the debates (committee, issue, procedural rules) as well as ready to learn, share and apply knowledge in the process of trainings and debates.

· - Participant will be evaluated in the process of debates according to PAKED.


· - SF Teams’ representatives and Alumni are welcomed to share with participants experience, debates’ and negotiations’ techniques, strategic games, etc.

· - Applications are to be submitted to Natalia Martynova ( by June 25

Schedule and content:




Organizers/ Teachers



Day 1

Master-class on debates

Alumni, SF teams’ representatives, MD Team


1) Debates techniques (preparation to debates, speakers’ list, formal debates, caucuses)

2) Public speaking training (speeches, caucuses, short speeches)

3) Negotiations trainings

4) Strategic games, etc.

Day 2

Debates Session

MD Team


Reform of International Monetary Fund: institutional response to global financial crisis.

Day 3


MD Team

Seaside/ night club - to be decided


We will be glad to see you! Welcome! :)