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MUNRFE member in Catalonia MUN Conference


Somebody thinks that in Spain you can only go to the parties, enjoy sunbaths, sea, traditional food and just relax. However, there are a lot of opportunities to catch and “mountains” to overcome. Trying Spanish “taste” of local MUN Conferences as a delegate last year, Ksenia Severinova decided to try this taste again, but in a more spicy option. Thus, from the 2nd till the 5th of May, 2012 Ksenia took part in Catalonia Model United Nations Conference as a Co-Chair of General Assembly, and that was Ksenia’s very first experience of being Chair in her life.

This time the simulation of General Assembly had an uneasy task to be completed: the United Nations reform. Actually, the agenda was more specific; the whole agenda was “The admission and expulsion of Member States of the UN; the participation of new actors in the UN (civil society, non-state actors: supranational, regional and local, business Sector: corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”. In accordance with the opinion of honorable Co-Chair the debates in the Committee were really hot, with lots of different opinions and points of view. There were nearly 65 delegates from different parts of the world in the General Assembly.

Actually, in the whole Conference the majority of participants, obviously, was from Europe, but there were also representatives from Africa, America, Asia, and Australia, that made C´MUN a really international event.

The main feature of C´MUN Conference is its magical, kind and warm atmosphere which is created by fantastic organizers and staff (multicultural, too). At the same time an important additive to the hospitality of C´MUN creators is its smart, enthusiastic delegates talking about human rights, democratic freedoms, Sustainable Development and Millennium Development Goals.

Moreover, the infrastructural organization of the event was on a high level; here we also face with Catalan hospitality and attentiveness to its guests.

Furthermore, having such a great opportunity, Ksenia would like to thank the Chair of General Assembly, Mr. Pau Petit, the Coordinator of the Conference, Brenda Calafell, and C’MUN Director, Raül Jiménez, and Mary-Michele Connellan for their work and support before, during and after the Conference. Moreover, after this Conference Model United Nations of the Russian Far East can proudly say that now we have a new friend, United Nations Association of Spain, which is situated so far, in beautiful Barcelona, but so deep in our hearts.