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Autumn Master-Classes' 2013 in Vladivostok: report
Monday, 11 November 2013 01:37

With marvelous success MUNRFE Autumn Master-classes 2013 have come to an end in Vladivostok city. For the first time ever carried out simultaneously in FEFU and VSUES on the highest level, the projects attracted more than 80 participants. Two brave Coordinators of Master-classes – Olga Kuzmina on Russkiy Island and Kira Akimova on the mainland were the ones to deal with new campus infrastructure and the rest of unpredicted challenges during past 5 weeks of Master-classes. The participants had a chance to be present during 32 hours of conceptual lectures, trainings and creative tasks which were prepared for them by more than 25 Club Members and special guests such as club experienced alumni, businessmen, foreign guest and the Human Resource manager from international British American Tobacco Company.

Mini-Conference held with the help of all new campus equipment became the final long-awaited challenge for the newcomers. Incentive words of FEFU deputy Vice-president of academic affairs Shushin A.N. inaugurated the Conference beginning and gave a rise to successful performance of 62 delegates: “There is no one MUNRFE graduate who wouldn’t be successful in their career after overcoming challenges organization gives”. Debates for the purpose of discussing and solving crucial global problems were conducted from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm for delegates representing 34 countries in four United Nations Committees: General Assembly Disarmament and Security Committee (1st) and Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (3rd) , Human Rights Council and Security Council.

As the final outcome there are students from FEFU: Tatiana Trusyuk, Igor Voronin and Victoria Yavorskaya, and one student from VSUES – Vyacheslav Egorov, who became best delegates and were granted with opportunity to register for free and represent Vladivostok club during XII International Conference. Nevertheless, having 50 ambitious, hardworking, prominent students who are willing to join the Club and be a part of our projects is another valuable attribute of passed Master-classes!

As well the MUNRFE club of Vladivostok took the opportunity to hold Graduation party and pompous banquet for participants on the next day after mini-conference. More than 120 certificates, prizes and awards were granted to participants, advisers and organizers of both Master-classes including 10 gift-certificates from our sponsor English school “Say Yes” for visiting special English Classes. We also want to express our deepest gratitude to the sponsor of the mini-conference - company “Slavda”.

“From Dream to goal” and “Boost yourself and destroy the frames” definitely opened a new chapter in the life of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club, having set new lath for level of MUNRFE projects as well as having given brand new experience to all Сlub members.