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Shared Mental Models of Leadership

The summer is blossoming; bringing us myriads of pleasant minutes of rest and blissful idleness, it releases us from usual obligations during the academic year and the necessity to work hard. However, some MUNers decided to sacrifice one week of their deserved relaxation for spending it for their own good.

Lasting from the 16th to the 23rd of March, it was devoted to the first part of the Advanced Leadership School “Shared Mental Models of Leadership”, conducted by Jeffrey Lindstrom, Ph.D., the founder of the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East.

This week definitely wrote a new chapter in the history of MUNRFE. First and foremost, the participants of the school, most of them for the first time in their life, met with the person who gave rise to the whole organization 10 years ago. This acquaintance with the organization’s grassroots in the person of its founder helped young leaders to know themselves as the organization much better, since it is impossible to learn the present without learning the past. Moreover, during the school everyone was fully plunged into the constant process of learning in the ways previously unknown. The volume of information was immeasurable, the level of difficulty – inexplicable, the wish to learn – irresistible. All participants admitted that they had never faced with the real 24-hour learning before.

In a week 15 learners successfully completed the school, 7 of even being invited to the participation in the second part of the course hereafter. However, whatever the result of each separate participant was, everybody felt full of new knowledge and the readiness to move, to share its experience with others and lead the organization ahead, as well as themselves to further self-development.