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FireStarter'09 was successfully conducted!

FS'09 logo & symbol coins

Several days ago a very important and huge project became a part of history.

FireStarter 2009 was held in Vladivostok and that was the 6th time it was conducted! FireStarter 2009 was held in a new location – Popov’s island giving the participants a great opportunity to enjoy the sea during their two-week stay.

50 high school students got together from Vladivostok, Blagoveschensk, Khabarovsk, Chita, Sakhalin and nearby cities. And even though the cost of the program was rather high (16,000 rub. per person which indicates a 45% increase as compared with the last year), there was competition for participation.




FS'09 Participants FS'09 Advisors


More than 20% of participants this year are returning FireStarters from 2008 which might be one of indicators of high quality of the program.

FireStarter 2009 became real because of the work of coordinators (Daria Bulatova and Kate Veka) and a team of advisors who came from 5 cities (Vladislav Sklyanov, Semen Korotich, Daria Balan, Ksenia Sukhotina, Igor Borovikov, Egor Perko, Alexandra Ovsyankina, Sergey Karasev, Ulyana Kan, Maria Khoreva). Congratulations on the successful completion of the program!



FS'09 CoordinatorFS'09 Vice-Coordinator


As this is the sixth year we organize the project, here are the names of those who took courage to be responsible for  FireStarter.

one of the numerous FS'09 trainings

FireStarter Coordinators:


1. Evgenia Lindstrom (2004)

2. Kirill Krasovsky (2005)

3. Olga Bukach (2006)

4. Varvara Soldatkina (2007)

5. Violetta Davydenko (2008)

6. Daria Bulatova (2009)


The list represents a good example of how leadership development works and how the fire from one year was transformed to another. Many of these people have already become MUNRFE Alumni having contributed so much to the development of MUNRFE.

The questions for now are who will be the next and where FireStarter 2010 will be conducted. Follow the news.


"As for me FS was the best camp I have ever been. The island was very beautiful. The weather was sunny and warm in spite of several rains. It goes without saying our advisers were great people who did everything we had fun. There were a lot of different fascinating activities where everybody took part. It was so breath-taking. Also advisers told us many interesting and important things about how to be successful in life. More than that I took much experience on debates. It was really exciting. I was very impressed with this event. People I lived with were cool good guys. I found a lot of friends among them. In conclusion I would like say that I miss this fantastic camp and my friends I met there. I won't forget it. FIRESTARTER, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!"

Dmitriy Belous, Vladivostok


"As for me, I had an amazing opportunity to visit Fire Starter twice… It is really great summer educational project, where I knew a lot of new, interesting, and useful things, which will help me in my future, where I developed and found myself, where I met a lot of new friends, who became a family for me, where I improved the skills of English language and Public speaking and many other things, that really helpful nowadays. But it wasn’t only studying…we also played different games, participated in competitions, prepared interesting sketches, went to the seaside and had firemeetings, where we discussed everything and shared our emotions with each other! It`s really unforgettable days, and I just want to say: THANKS to our great advisors and coordinators! THANK YOU SO MUCH for made it real, THANK YOU for your work, for your advices and for being with us! And, of course, THANK YOU participants for your being in FS with me! Fire Starter – I LOVE YOU!!!"


Helen Ralnikova, Blagoveshchensk


"I just wanted to say that FS is not a usual camp and, I can’t label it as ‘camp’. It’s a place of loooooottttsss of emotions, experience, funny and sad moments and useful things.))) In that atmosphere I’ve understood that all those people (I mean advisers, coordinators, and for sure firestarters themselves) became a real family for me. All those games, concerts, showed us again and again that we’re real team. Now I write it and remember our first days, when we got to that ‘strange’ place, called ‘camp’ with not very comfortable conditions, severe advisers, who even couldn’t give us any free time. We were like in a cage. All first week we were walking with a phrase ‘what are we doing here?’ on our faces.)) But now a really regret that we lost those days, because we had to had fun every minute. But, nevertheless, it was unforgettable and now I miss that time so much…even hundreds of ups and downs each day)) FS gave me a lot. I even couldn’t imagine that such thing like diplomacy, politics and even military will be interesting for me. Thanks to that people who opened such skills inside me. I can say for sure that FS burned fires in our souls and no one participant will never forget about that amazing 2 weeks."

Ekaterina Anishchenko, Vladivostok