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Embracing One Humanity

Marina Rashchepkina, the Vice-President of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club, took part in the 9th Asian Youth Forum (AYF) “Embracing One Humanity”, which was conducted in Taipei, Taiwan on November, 8 - November, 16.

The main agendas of the AYF for this year were various global issues (war and peace, social security, human rights, sustainable development), languages and intercultural communication, and leadership. Moreover, the young diplomats had two extensive tasks to prepare beforehand. The first one is the country presentation for 30-40 minutes, embracing the geography, history, politics, cultural and social issues of their motherlands. The second task included the cultural performance which would reflect the peculiarities of the participants’ native arts.


77 representatives from 12 countries joined the AYF in Taipei, while Marina was the only Russian delegate there. It was a great challenge for her to represent Russia alone, since it is always easier and better to prepare with the team. However, she was excited to present Russian cultural traditions, as well as she participated in the Pan-Asian Conference (PAC) on Language Teaching, telling about the challenges in English language teaching in Russian Federation. Traditionally, AYF is considered to be organized in frames of the PAC in order to bring together the matureness of talented teachers and the bright outlook of promising young people throughout the Asia.

Besides gaining lots of friends and contacts throughout the Asia-Pacific Rim, Marina was honored to be elected as the Vice-President of the next AYF’10 in Vladivostok. With her colleagues from Taiwan and Indonesia she will strive to do her best for the successful conduction of the Forum in Russia. Marina, please take our sincere welcome home! Excellent job! We really appreciate your passion and devotion!