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10th International MUNRFE Conference

The project for which members of the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East had been preparing since summer by making deep research and practicing speeches and elocution trainings, and which draws the line of MUNRFE interclub projects in 2011 has finished.

This year the Conference took part in the capital of Far Eastern Federal Region, in the beautiful city of Khabarovsk – the birth place of the MUNRFE itself. The general theme of the 10th Anniversary MUNRFE Session was “Humanity in 2001-2011: heading for enlightened cooperation and sustainable development” developed by Sophia Korchagina, one of the most experienced MUNRFE members, and her brilliant team of the Secretariat officers.

There were 4 committees simulated, such as the Security Council, the International Court of Justice, the 2nd Committee of the General Assembly and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The UNESCO work was simulated for the first time ever within MUNRFE Conferences. Together with the “Russkiy Mir” foundation it became possible for the organization to conduct exciting and fascinating simulation of this respective body.

From the very first day and till the end of the Conference honorable delegates were engaged in the international peace and security, preservation of the international law, sustaining the Russian culture and overcoming current global economic challenges.

This year Conference had a unique experience when all 4 Committees were united in a special General Assembly emergency session for resolving the futuristic crisis developed in detail by the sharp-witted crisis managers’ team.

Finally it is high time to officially name our distinguished MUNRFE Team to the National MUN in New-York City, New York, USA. The Evaluation Committee has to announce the following Team:

Vladimir Tananykin (UK, SC, Vladivostok)

Darya Fedorova (RF, 2 GA, Vladivostok)

Andrey Kozinets (RF, SC, Vladivostok)

Alexey Sidorenko (USA, UNESCO, Vladivostok)

Liliya Yakubova (China, UNESCO, Blagoveshchensk)

Sergey Lebedev (France, SC, Khabarovsk)

Also, there were 3 Best Teams determined:

Russian Federation (Vladivostok)

United Kingdom (Vladivostok)

People’s Republic of China (Blagoveshchensk)

Logically, Best Adviser Award goes to the honored Adviser of the Russian Federation, Ms. Svetlana Khvan (Vladivostok).

Finally, Best Documents Award goes to Marina Rashchepkina (RF, UNESCO, Vladivostok). On behalf of the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East we are pleased to thank the team of Coordinator headed by Ekaterina Vognerubova together with the whole Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club under the leadership of its President Sergey Lebedev for the successful implementation of this project.

In the end we want to thank everyone who were either the Secretariat officers or just strongly connected with the Secretariat, for their contribution in our work: Sofya Korchagina, Vitaliy Savenkov who successfully fulfilled the role of Acting Secretary General of the Conference, Viktoria Vinoselova, Malika Dosamanova, Oleg Saparin, Anastasiya Burmistrova, Alexandra Tatomir, Ekaterina Chernenko, Sergey Gubchenko, Olga Kostina, Igor Novikov and Svetlana Khvan.