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One For All

Spring Master Classes 2012

Look at these people. Do you know them?


Barak Obama: A person from ordinary family who became the first Afro-American President of the USA.

Chris Gardner: During the early 1980s he struggled with homelessness while raising his toddler son, now he is an entrepreneur, investor, stockbroker, motivational speaker, author and philanthropist.

Bill Gates: He started Microsoft Corporation and became the richest man during few years.

Steve Jobs: Having quitted university he had to stay overnight on his friends’ floors. But he managed to start Apple and thanks to him we have modern computers.

Mark Zuckerberg: Being a student, he started making social network Facebook.

Why are they so special? Do you believe their skills, abilities and qualities were inborn?

We will never know this, but for sure, all of them worked hard to achieve what they desired. Do you want to be as successful as these people are and may be even more? Do you have a dream which motivates you but you don’t know how to start?

Thus, we would like to propose you an effective tool! Our Master Classes will enormously help you if you are ready to fight for your dreams! Whatever you desire to achieve, our Master Classes will give you basic skills needed for a person of the 21st century to become successful. There is no high probability that a person at the first dash will be able to speak on public as Demosthenes, manage project or run a company as Steve Jobs and lead people as Kutuzov. To do it really effectively, you need to attain special knowledge and experience. And even those who are gifted in these spheres should train themselves in order to develop their inborn capabilities and self-actualize. So, where can you get all these important skills? May be you can learn and train everything by yourself. But do you consider that it is easy and effective? We suppose that you can make this process really smooth and enjoyable if you do it with other people who have the same purpose. Our Master Classes will give you this incredible opportunity to work with clever, persevering and talented people as you are in order to gain greater impact on your way to a real success!

After successful Master Classes graduation you will be able to become MUNRFE member and receive enormously broad platform for you self-actualization.


During these Spring Master Classes you will gain the following knowledge and experience:

- How to become a good public speaker;

- How to manage your time rationally;

- How to build a team and interact with team members;

- How to negotiate and debate;

- How to set SMART goals;

- How to lead;

- How to improve your English.


It is time to develop yourself to achieve a lot in future – thus, do not miss this chance!