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XII International MUNRFE Conference - Results
Sunday, 22 December 2013 21:02


One more time we witnessed a great international event gathering students from all over the Russian Far East, as well as other Russian cities and even other countries, to debate on acute global issues and share their solutions to the challenges humanity has been facing for ages - the XII International MUNRFE Conference! This time it was again hosted by the Vladivostok Club and conducted in the Far Eastern Federal University on 12 - 17 December 2013.

In general more than 70 delegates took part in the Conference, represented by both members of all three MUNRFE Clubs and participants from Moscow, Chita and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. As for other countries, we were happy to welcome delegations from China, Japan and Switzerland, let alone the fact that this time one Secretariat officer, Trissia Hebe Wijaya, was a foreign guest too, coming from Indonesia.

The day prior to the event the participants enjoyed the tour across the campus, played ice-breaking games and got inspiration from Mr. Francis Landivar, a great doer of our times and destination, the head of several NGOs and English Camps in the Russian Far East. And the next dat the Conference began!

After the solemn opening ceremony, accompanied by the welcoming address from the Vice-President of the Far Eastern Federal University, Dr. Igor V. Soppa, and the unforgettable lecture of the U.S. Consul General Mr. Erik Anders Holm-Olsen, the delegates started their work in five committees: General Assembly, Security Council, International Court of Justice, World Bank and Human Rights Council, with the last one being modeled for the first time in the recent years in MUNRFE. This time the concept of the Conference "Tracing the Way to Prosperity through the Prism of Changing World" provided all opportunities for a complete change of the emphasis on countries' roles, as the developing countries were given a chance to become real rulers! Five days of debates were quite enjoyable, and though it might have seemed to be too hard, the delegates also had chances to have their activities diversified. At first, the lecture by the representative of the World Bank Russian office Ms. Yulia Komagayeva was conducted, with her further participation as an expert at the modeled WB session. And, secondly, it was our first experience to organize a smaller event in frames of out traditional conferences, which was the International Cultural Fair, where both Russian students and international guests shared their arts and cultures.

Finally at the banquet we got to know who proved being the best and formed the new Team who will represent MUNRFE at the National MUN in New-York in 2014. Let us give our sincere congratulations to the following delegates:

1) Lavrentiy Pak, World Bank (Vladivostok)

2) Alexander Yugai, General Assembly (Vladivostok)

3) Ksenia Shevtsova, International Court of Justice (Vladivostok)

4) Anna Ivanova, Security Council (Vladivostok)

5) Daria Stolbikova, General Assembly (Moscow)

6) Jesse Thomas, Human Rights Council (USA)

The Best Documents award was given to Vladislav Ulanov (Khabarovsk), and the next delegations were awarded as Best Teams:

1) Germany (Vladivostok)

2) Republic of Korea (Khabarovsk)

3) China (Blagoveshchensk)

Last but not the least, there is a need to thank numerous people who contributed a lot into making this event real. First of all, let us thank the former Secretary-General of the Conference who, even having left to Sochi, still kept helping us a lot till the very end of the Conference - Vladimir Tananykin. At the same time MUNRFE is enormously grateful to the newly elected Secretary-General Denis Chaplinskiy, who managed to quickly retake responsibility for the Conference and bring it to the end with dignity. The other two people, without whom the Conference would be absolutely impossible, are the coordinator of the Conference Marina Rashchepkina and the co-Coordinator Anna Ivanova. We are also saying thank you to Anna Murzakova, the person who was brave enough to become in charge of the International Fair conduction! Besides, we are very thankful to the whole Secretariat team for their enormous contribution in the substantive part of the event: Vitaliy Savenkov, Viktoria Shevchenko, Olga Katina, Olga Kuzmina, Kristina Avanesova, Veronika Shchepinskaya, Ksenia Severinova, Alexey Sidorenko, Liliya Yakubova and Trissia Wijaya, and, of course, all the members of the organizing team and DPI. We are also glad to express our gratitide to two institutions who gave the greatest support to the conduction of the event - the Far Eastern Federal University as the great provider of all required infrastructure, and the local company Vladhleb, which was incredibly kind to sponsor all coffee-breaks with tons of sweets.

So this is how the things come true! We hope that you really enjoyed the Conference, considering it as a vital step for your further growth and development.