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MUNRFE pays its tribute to FEFU
Wednesday, 06 April 2016 15:04

The upcoming Far Eastern Model United Nations 2016 would be a reality without an extensive support of the hosting university, one of the largest and prestigious universities of the Russian Far East – the Far Eastern Federal University.

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is the top rated, the largest, and the oldest university of Eastern Russia, established in 1899 by a special order of the Emperor Nikolai II. According to the ratings of the Russian Ministry of Education, FEFU is one of the top five Russian universities. FEFU is the only university of Eastern Russia accredited as a scientific university by the Russian Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology.

The Russian President Vladimir V. Putin has outlined that FEFU is one of the supreme dominants of the Russian Far East and an intellectual center which provides the training of high-qualified personnel not only for traditional branches of industry but also for the modern economy. Indeed, the Far East of Russia is now implementing large-scale unprecedented economic and social projects. New enterprises, transportation systems are launched; social and cultural, sport, and strategic facilities are built. In the view of these unique circumstances the Far Eastern Federal University follows the mission to train high-level professionals to provide education in accordance with world standards.

Far Eastern Federal University offers educational programs and conducts fundamental research in practically all fields of human knowledge. Far Eastern Federal University alumni include 49 of 58 Primorsky Supreme Court Justices; more than 900 of 1,050 members of the Primorsky Bar Association; 70% of the regional scientists holding PhD degrees; 90% of the regional journalists; and almost 100% of the regional specialists in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and oriental studies. Far Eastern Federal University is a national leader in developing relations with Pacific Rim Countries, a major bridge between Russian education and worldwide university society. The university has 40+ branches in Russia, USA, Japan, China, and Korea. It develops more than 80 partnership projects, including 64 academic exchange programs with universities worldwide.

The university students have unique opportunities to choose from various scientific fields and develop leadership qualities. Students are constantly involved in a variety of affairs, various international events, training, voluntary activity, charity, creative and business projects. Model United Nations of the Russian Far East (MUNRFE) has been playing a significant role in the professional development of FEFU students and university overall, constantly organizing a variety of educational and developing projects and events. Besides, MUNRFE members annually represent both the organization and the university on a wide range of national and international events, demonstrating high level of professionalism and achieving outstanding results.

MUNRFE expresses its sincere gratitude to the Far Eastern Federal University for its support and productive collaboration in the implementation of the Far Eastern Model UN 2016. We hope that our mutual cooperation will only grow and bring positive results in the future.