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MUNRFE representatives selected as Secretariat officers at WIMUN 2017

MUNRFE is pleased to congratulate Ms. Elena A. Kiseleva and Ms. Victoria V. Yavorskaya, the Deputy Executive Directors of MUNRFE, on being selected to perform the duties of the Secretariat officers of WFUNA International Model United Nations Conference (WIMUN) in New York in the upcoming February 2017.

Having gained an experience of the implementation of the first UN4MUN Conference in the Russian Federation in frames of the recent Far Eastern Model UN 2016 as its Secretary-General and the Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management respectively, both Ms. Kiseleva and Ms. Yavorskaya have successfully passed the competitive selection process among the high-qualified applications and were selected as the only two Russian representatives to be a part of the Secretariat at the premier Model UN conference in the world simulating the UN4MUN Rules of Procedure introduced by the United Nations Department of Public Information. The WIMUN will be held from February 1-4, holding its Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions at the UN Headquarters in New York.

In frames of the WIMUN 2017 Ms. Kiseleva and Ms. Yavorskaya will perform the duties of the Secretaries for the General Assembly Committees, serving as the substantive and procedural experts, providing support to the elected Chairs and assisting them in running their committees. Besides, they shall be writing the Secretary-General Reports on their respective committee’s topics and conducting delegates’ training prior the conference.

The UN4MUN journey for MUNRFE began back in 2014 after the participation of the Director-General, Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov and Ms. Elena A. Kiseleva in the UN4MUN Workshop in Tokyo, Japan, followed up by further participation of Mr. Savenkov in the WIMUN Secretariat in New York, US 2015 and in Arga, India 2016. It is a great honor for MUNRFE to have doubled its representation at this prominent and significant event.

MUNRFE wishes our ladies to strengthen their chairing experience, to show advanced research capacities and to receive valuable knowledge and skills that shall be further applied in frames of our events. Good luck in New York!