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MUNRFE Master Classes 2016: "New Step - New Achievement"
Tuesday, 08 November 2016 19:49

On October 3 – November 5, 2016 Vladivostok MUNRFE Club under the leadership of the coordinators, namely Ms. Anna Timokhina and Ms. Yuliia Kosiakova conducted Autumn Master Classes 2016 “New step – New Achievement" in Far Eastern Federal University Vladivostok. The project started with the Big Presentation, attended by the following speakers: Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov – MUNRFE Director-General, Mr. Evgeny S. Volosastov - the Second Secretary of the Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Vladivostok and Ms. Elena V. Saprykina - Deputy Vice-Rector for International Relations, who warmly welcomed the participants. Young leaders completed the course of lectures on public-speaking, negotiations, time-management, delivered by experienced MUNRFE members. After the first week, the participants were divided into teams, coordinated by advisers who were appointed and granted the responsibility to assist the participants in project activities. The most important event in frames of Master Classes was the Final Conference, where the participants had a chance to play the role of the diplomats representing different states while debating in two the UN committees - the General Assembly and the Security Council.

The participants were discussing the following agenda items: "Promoting access to renewable energy through poverty reduction and Sustainable development" and "Threat of international terrorism". The work of the Committees was very productive, everyone was involved in the process and contributed to the resolution writing. Moreover, the majority of Club members showed their devotion to the project and assisted a lot in its implementation.

At the final event, the Graduation Party, conducted on November 6 in the atmosphere of friendship and happiness the Secretariat of the Conference the best delegates were announced:

Outstanding delegates: Andrew Moon (Spain, GA), Darya Ershova (France, SC) and Veronika Tkachenko (Egypt GA), who received the special prize – free participation in MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference as the delegation of Russian Federation.

Distinguished delegates: Natalya Chan (USA, GA) and Andre Pawira (UK, SC)

Honorable Mention delegates: Calvin Lee (RF, SC) and Daniela Sucher (USA, SC)

The Best Policy Paper: Andre Pawira (UK, SC)

The Best Country Profile: USA - Oksana Bozhenova, Natalya Chan, Aygerim Ulanova, Alice Ruabceva, Daniela Sucher

The Best Team: USA - Oksana Bozhenova, Natalya Chan, Aygerim Ulanova, Alice Ruabceva, Daniela Sucher

The Best Country Presentation: Zambia - Polina Varfolomeeva, Egor Klimovich, Anastasia Novoselova, Sergko Navarro, Veronika Tkachenko, Ekaterina Efimkina

The Best Exam: Margaret Ngoma (France)

The Best Adviser: Yulia Nedel’kina (France)

Winner of the photocontest: Alexander Shprindler

Congratulations to those people! MUNRFE is looking forward to seeing all Master Classes participants at the 15th Anniversary Conference.