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Presidential Elections in Blagoveshchensk Club
Saturday, 10 February 2018 23:15

On February 10, the elections of the President of the Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club were successfully conducted. As a result by unanimous vote the Club made a decision to re-elect the current President Mr. Ilya Kopot' for the second term with Mr. Nikita Pal'chikov serving as his Vice President for the upcoming spring semester.

Both members of newly elected Presidential team have broad experience in MUNRFE activities. Mr. Ilya Kopot' took part in the MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference and Far Eastern Model UN 2017, that allowed him to show his best and receive Outstanding Delegate award at the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017. Mr. Kopot' also was the coordinator of the MUNRFE Spring School 2017 in Blagoveshchensk and part of an Organizing committee of FireStarter 2017 in Blagoveshchensk. During the previous term, Mr. Ilya Kopot' demonstrated his leadership capacities and con-tributed a lot to the Club’s development. Mr. Nikita Pal'chikov has been involved in the Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club since his participation in the Autumn MUNRFE School 2016 at Amur State University. Being a Club’s member he has shown his professionalism in the work of the Club and, as a result, his team became an Outstanding Delegation at the Annual MUNRFE Conference 2017.

After the Elections the Presidents appointed the Cabinet of the Club: Anastasia Streltsova as Finance Manager, Olga Vihareva, Elizaveta Sungurova, Elizaveta Ryabtseva and Alexander Rasskasov as members of the PR Department.


MUNRFE would like to express its warmest congratulations to newly elected Presidential Team of the Blagoveshchensk Club and wish them and their Cabinet productive work!