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MUNRFE | Directors


According to MUNRFE Charter the Director-General (DG) is an executive head of the Organization, who is elected for a two-year term by MUNRFE Presidential Council. Taking into account the vast geography of the Organization and the amount of different projects implemented by MUNRFE, DG may appoint other Directors to assist him in exercising his leadership. All together Directors compose the Board, which actually governs MUNRFE. The key responsibility of the Board is sustaining capable connection and interaction between MUNRFE Clubs over the Russian Far East.

Other responsibilities of the Board include coordination and supervision of MUNRFE interclub projects, allocation and distribution of organizational resources, external interaction both with Russian and foreign partners, PR issues, HR management and strategic development of MUNRFE. Along with projects conducted for several Clubs, the Board monitors internal work of Clubs working mostly with Cabinet members and Presidential Teams. Exclusive rights and duties on management of MUNRFE Development Fund, preparation of tax and accounting reports, and management of bank account also belong to the Board.

These days the Board is comprised of the following people:


Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov


(Elected as Managing Director on 01 July 2013, re-elected as Director-General on 05 May 2015; served as Assistant Managing Director from 09 July 2011 to 19 September 2012)



M.A. (with Honours) in International Relations (taught in English language), Institute of Oriental Studies - School of Regional and International Studies, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia (2013-2015)

Specialist in Economics and Management, Finance-Economics Faculty, Far Eastern State Agricultural University, Blagoveshchensk, Russia (2008-2013)


Mr. Savenkov joined MUNRFE after participation in MUNRFE Summer Program FireStarter 2007. His actual Model UN career started since the 6th International MUNRFE Conference in Blagoveshchensk (2007), when he was a part of its organizing team being a Cabinet member of the hosting Club. The next two Conferences brought him significant experience in terms of General Assembly debates – Vitaly participated in the 7th International MUNRFE Conference in Vladivostok (2008) and Moscow International Model UN 2009. At the 4th MUNRFE IT Conference (2009) in Khabarovsk Vitaly participated in the unique simulation of the European Union – he was a delegate of the European Commission and a judge of the European Court of Justice. During the 8th International MUNRFE Conference in Khabarovsk, which was the last MUNRFE Conference as a delegate for him, he debated in the Security Council and got the 3rd Best Team award with USA team. After that, only in the year 2012 Vitaly became a delegate again – at the Asian International Model UN in Beijing, China, where MUNRFE delegation was recognized as the Best Team, while Vitaly together with Ms. Olga Katina got the Best Position Paper award participating in the Futuristic Security Council deliberations.

The path in Secretariat for Mr. Savenkov began in the city of Chita at the Zabaikal International Model UN (2010), where he was invited as a Crisis-manager. Then, he came back to the Security Council as its Vice-Chair of at 9th International MUNRFE Conference in Vladivostok (2010) and finally got his first senior Secretariat position of the Secretary-General of the 2nd Regional MUNRFE Conference in Khabarovsk (2011). Later, he served as: Secretary-General and President of the Security Council at the 10th Anniversary International MUNRFE Conference in Khabarovsk (2011), Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs and World Health Organization Chairperson at the 3rd Regional MUNRFE Conference in Blagoveshchensk (2012), Coordinator for Chairpersons at the New York Global Young Leaders Summit – International Model UN in NYC, USA (2013), Deputy Secretary-General at the 4th Regional MUNRFE Conference in Khabarovsk (2013), High Commissioner for Human Rights and Chairperson of the Human Rights Council at the 12th International MUNRFE Conference in Vladivostok (2013). This office was the last one for Mr. Savenkov in MUNRFE Secretariats, and since 2014 he decided to concentrate on strategic and management issues of MUNRFE in general. Currently he monitors and supervises the implementation of MUNRFE Conferences and projects in all its aspects in the capacity of the Director-General. Moreover, Vitaly contributes to the sphere of Model UN debates being the principal editor of MUNRFE Rules of Procedure. Indeed, in 2015 he was selected as DISEC Rapporteur and contributed to the “Distinguished Delegation” award given to MUNRFE delegation at the world’s biggest MUN conference – the New York National MUN 2015 in March. The same year Mr. Savenkov got an assignment as SPECPOL Secretary at the flagship UN4MUN event in November – the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA) International Model UN (WIMUN) 2015, where he was honored to deliver a speech from the General Assembly rostrum in the UN Headquarters in New York. In April, 2016, Vitaly attended one more UN4MUN event – WIMUN India 2016 as the Security Council Director.

As an adviser, Mr. Savenkov took the Best Team and Best Adviser awards at the 2nd Regional MUNRFE Conference, granting this honor to his Club for the first time in history, and prepared the 3rd Best Team at the 10th Anniversary International MUNRFE Conference. Furthermore, he was elected as an adviser of MUNRFE Team to the Asia-Pacific International Model UN in Bangkok (2012) and took the Outstanding Delegation award with them. Vitaly is also involved in MUNRFE Advanced Leadership School (ALS) concept – he participated in the III ALS in Vladivostok (2010), coordinated the IV ALS in Blagoveshchensk (2012) and conducted 2 ALSs in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok in 2015. In MUNRFE management Vitaly occupied different positions including: Vice-President and President of Blagoveshchensk Club in 2010, 2011 and 2013, MUNRFE Assistant Managing Director in 2011-2012. Also, he served as an adviser at MUNRFE Summer Programs “FireStarter” 2011 and 2012 and contributed a lot to its implementation. Finally, due to his six-year dedicated service, devotion and commitment towards MUNRFE, Vitaly was elected as the Managing Director in July 2013, while lately his office was reformed into position of the Director-General. In May, 2015, Mr. Savenkov has been re-elected for the position of MUNRFE Director-General.

In course of his tenth year in the Organization, Vitaly remains a passionate leader and constantly participates in regional and international projects. In 2014-2016 Mr. Savenkov successfully attended the 2nd Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, Model UN Workshops 2014 and 2015 in Tokyo, Japan, and NYC, USA, organized by the United Nations Department of Public Information, and the North East Asia Economic Forum Young Leaders Program 2016 in Changchun, China. In 2015 Vitaly successfully led MUNRFE to become the co-organizer of the 3rd Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit in Vladivostok. The next year he led the first UN4MUN conference in Russia to happen in Vladivostok under his guidance as the Far Eastern Model UN 2016.

Besides MUNRFE activities, Vitaly actively conducted civic expertise of regulatory legal acts and laws of federal and regional levels, serving as an expert of the Civic Chamber of the Amur Region. By 2014 he has conducted about 10 expert examinations on various issues, including electoral legislature, state and municipal governance, social and youth policies. In 2010-2013 Mr. Savenkov has served as the Senior Adviser at the Amur Regional Youth NGO “DOM”, and in 2010-2011 he performed the duties of the Deputy President and Chair of the Commission on Ethics and Regulations of the Youth Civic Chamber under the auspices of Blagoveshchensk Municipal Duma. In 2015 Mr. Savenkov was elected as a member of the Academic Council of the Far Eastern Federal University. Currently he is employed as a Leading Specialist of the Far Eastern Federal University Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies. He likes to watch football and ladies’ figure skating.


Ms. Elena A. Kiseleva

Executive Director

(Appointed as Executive Director on 26 September 2016; served as Deputy Executive Director from 28 September 2015 to 25 September 2016; served as Counselor from 15 December 2014 to 24 September 2015)



1st year M.A. student in International Relations, Institute of Oriental Studies - School of Regional and International Studies, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia (2016-2018)


B.A. in Marketing, International Economic Relations Faculty, Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law (2012-2016)


MUNRFE career of Ms. Kiseleva started back in 2011 after her 3rd participation in the FireStarter program. Her first debate experience took place in 2011 during the 10th Anniversary International MUNRFE Conference in Khabarovsk, where Elena performed as a delegate of Germany in the Security Council. During the following MUNRFE Conferences she continued to obtain experience debating in the Security Council: she represented USA at the 11th International MUNRFE Conference (2013) in Vladivostok and the UK at the 4th Regional Conference in Khabarovsk. Her victory at the 4th Regional Conference granted her the honor to represent MUNRFE at the National Model UN Conference in Incheon, Republic of Korea in November 2013, where MUNRFE team received a Distinguished Delegation Award. In December 2013, Elena continued to debate in the Security Council during the 12th International MUNRFE Conference, where the result was the 2nd Best Team Award.

In May 2014 Ms. Kiseleva served as the Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management of the 5th Regional MUNRFE Conference in Khabarovsk. In November 2014, she represented MUNRFE at the Model UN Workshop organized by the United Nations Department of Public Information in Tokyo, Japan. Eventually, Elena became an Outstanding Delegate and received an Outstanding Delegation award at the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2014 in Vladivostok, representing China in the Security Council. This victory granted her the honor to represent MUNRFE at the New York National MUN Conference (March 2015) where she grabbed one more Distinguished Delegation award with MUNRFE delegation. Later in 2015 Ms. Kiseleva served as the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and the Security Council President for two times: at the MUNRFE Regional and Annual Conferences 2015. The year 2016 started for Elena as having been selected as one of the winners of the grant competition to participate in the Security Council at the Moscow International MUN 2016. Furthermore, she led the Far Eastern Model UN 2016 as its Secretary-General and got elected as an adviser of MUNRFE Team to National Model UN in Kobe, Japan. Besides, in 2016 Elena has led MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference as a Secretary-General. In 2017 she successfully performed the duties of GA Secretary at the WFUNA International Model UN in New York.

One of Elena’s most favorite MUNRFE projects is FireStarter, the program which served as the starting point for her MUNRFE career. After her involvement in FireStarter as a participant, she continued to work there as an adviser in the summers of 2012, 2013 and 2014. Elena has also worked as a FireStarter Regional Coordinator in Khabarovsk in 2013. At the XXV Anniversary Presidential Council, Elena was appointed as a Coordinator of FireStarter 2015 in Vladivostok and successfully implemented the project.

Throughout Elena’s MUNRFE career, she has been devoting herself to the development of Khabarovsk and Vladivostok MUNRFE Club. While in Khabarovsk, she has been a Vice-Coordinator of Autumn Master-Classes 2012 and later being a Coordinator of Spring Master-Classes 2013. In 2015 she coordinated the Advanced Leadership School for Khabarovsk Club. Furthermore, Elena has successfully performed the duties of the President of the Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club for two successful terms in 2013-2014 and served as MUNRFE Counselor in 2014-2015. Finally, she was welcomed in the composition of the Board in 2015 as MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director for her extraordinary commitment and devotion towards civil society development. In September 2016 Ms. Kiseleva got her regular promotion and became MUNRFE Executive Director.