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Summer Programme “FireStarter” is an annual event aimed at making positive contributions on social and civic development of the Russian Far East by means of granting high-school students with new opportunities for self-development. “FireStarter 2009” (FS’09) is designed to intensively promote democratic values and cultural exchange by actively involving high-school students in trainings, seminars, interactive games, cognitive excursions and master-classes. The program is directed at increasing of high-school students’ awareness in the sphere of Leadership, Marketing, International Relations and Business, stimulating initiatives and contributing to the social, economic, and civic development of Russia. Moreover, FS’09 provides participants not only with theory in above-mentioned spheres but gives opportunities in training and improving their Public Speaking, Teamwork and Negotiation skills. Therefore the project has its value for high-school students as well as for the whole society by creating conducive ambience for contributing to the social, economic, and civil development. The Program is conducted in English; therefore participation of foreign students’ in FS’09 provides the Program with auspicious conditions for cultural exchange and promotion of the English language.

Goals of the project:

-    Elaborate innovative approaches in methodology of teaching;
-    Build a foundation for the development of youth self-government in solving social and economic problems of local and regional levels;
-   Involve high-school students in discussion of currently important problems and finding ways of their solution;
-    Prepare a better informed class of young leaders with emphasis on democratic principles and free competition;
-    Help students to identify and develop their competitive advantages;
-    Inform students  about local, regional and national student leadership projects and their influence on the society

This year Summer Program “FireStarter 2009” will take part in Vladivostok, island Popova, from 14th to 27th of August and gather 50 talented high-school students from the Russian Far East.
The cost for participant will be 16000 rubles.

FS’09 methodology is developed to make positive contributions to the project providing high-school students with opportunities for development in different spheres, broaden their horizons and acquaint them with diverse picture of today’s world. For this purpose it is planned to invite speakers, conduct seminars and trainings with professionals in different spheres.
We are sure that Fire Starter is a project that brings difference to children’s life in Russia!

The coordinators:
+79242672682 – Daria Bulatova
+79241233284 – Kate Veka