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MUNRFE Blagoveshchensk Club conducted a meeting with its alumnus
Sunday, 25 March 2018 00:00

On March 24 MUNRFE Blagoveshchensk Club conducted two significant events covering Open Doors Day in Amur State University (AmSU) and meeting with the alumnus of Blagoveshchensk MUN Club Mr. Dmitry Gazzaev. During the workshop, Mr. Gazzaev shared his own MUN experience as well as delivered a lecture on the topic of overcoming the fear of public speaking from the angle of people`s psychology. It should be highlighted that such events for Blagoveshchensk Club are precious opportunity to maintain the connection between generations of the Organization! Furthermore, on the same day with the support of the Department of International Relations of AmSU, MUNRFE Blagoveshchensk Club had an opportunity to demonstrate the visitors of AmSU its originality and introduce the main activities of the Organization in frames of Open Doors Day.

MUNRFE became a part of worldwide movement “Earth Hour”
Sunday, 25 March 2018 00:00

On Saturday, March 24, 2018 the global campaign “Earth Hour” was organized by MUNRFE under the leadership of Ms. Polina Varfolomeeva and Ms. Aleksandra Chernysheva. The event supported by World Wildlife Fund Russia was simultaneously held in two places of Vladivostok: at Far Eastern Federal University and at the All-Russia Children’s Center “Okean”. The main aim of “Earth Hour” is to raise awareness of people taking responsibility towards a sustainable future by turning the lights off for one hour. The electricity was switched off in the main building of FEFU.

More than 300 students and schoolchildren had a unique opportunity to participate in the informative quiz, which covered questions related to environmental situation, nature protection, celebrities’ devotion to global problems and using renewable energy sources.

The presentation of FEMUN 2018 covered more than 180 people
Wednesday, 21 March 2018 00:00

On Tuesday, March 20, young people around the world had a chance to join the Presentation of the Far Eastern Model UN 2018. During the event, the Secretary-General of the FEMUN 2018, Ms. Alexandra Kosyreva, and Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management, Mr. Egor Klimovich, have introduced the guests to the concept of the Conference. The participants learnt more about the main features of FEMUN 2018, including UN4MUN format, peculiarities of the Committees and their Agenda items.

It is important to mention the Presentation was widely broadcasted via social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte. Due to that, people from over the globe were able to watch the Presentation online. Notably, the students of the IBLAM Higher School of Law, MUNRFE partner form Indonesia, attended the event and addressed their questions to the Secretariat. Totally, more than 180 people including those who joined the Presentation online had an opportunity to take part in the event.

MUNRFE will perform as an organizer Russia-ASEAN Project 2018 in FEFU
Tuesday, 20 March 2018 00:00

Model United Nations of the Russian Far East warmly welcomes young people to join Russia-ASEAN Project 2018 which will be held on April 9-11 at Far Eastern Federal University. MUNRFE has a rich experience in organizing the Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit in 2015 and participating in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th related Summits in Russia, Malaysia and Cambodia respectively. The Russia-ASEAN Project is the opening of a gateway for youths from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds to embark on a journey of immersing themselves in Russia-ASEAN relations at an international level.

The project aims, among other things, to deepen the understanding between people from ASEAN Member States and Russia, to strengthen mutual respect, to increase cultural exchange, and to find new ways of cooperation and high-quality partnership. Over a span of three days, participants will have a unique opportunity to attend interesting lectures by invited experts that expand their general knowledge on ASEAN and methods of Russia-ASEAN cooperation.

MUNRFE Blagoveshchensk Club conducts online meeting with its alumna
Sunday, 18 March 2018 00:00

On March 17 MUNRFE Blagoveshchensk Club conducted an online meeting with the alumna of Amur State University (AmSU)and the former member of MUNRFE Blagoveshchensk Club – Ms. Vera Serdyukova, who currently works at Robert Bosch GmbH, Silicon Valley, USA. During the meeting, the alumna introduced to students facts of her personal experience of studying in AmSU as well as during her internship in China. Moreover, Ms. Serdyukova shared her own experience of participating in different international programs and provided an information about her professional field and life abroad. The Club members learnt about useful tools and unique techniques of applying for positions in large companies. Furthermore, Ms. Serdyukova provided information about various grants, scholarships as well as international youth events and conferences young people could be interested in.

MUNRFE delegation to NMUN-NY 2018 visits World Bank Office in Russia
Saturday, 17 March 2018 00:00

On March 16 members of MUNRFE delegation to National Model UN 2018 visited the World Bank Office in Russia . The delegation was briefed by Ms. Larisa Fugol, Consultant of the World Bank Office in Russia, who delivered a lecture devoted to the history of the World Bank Group , key instruments used by the Bank in its activity, and specifics of Moscow Office work. Special attention was brought to the development of focus of the Bank activity from restoring destroyed infrastructure to human development, economic and institutional reforms, tackling climate change and finally to reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity with the decades. Moreover, Ms. Fugol covered the functional specifics of the World Bank trust funds functioning, ways of collaboration of the World Bank with various regional banks as well as ways used by the Bank to strengthen the role of regional and global development.

MUNRFE delegation to NMUN-NY 2018 attends UN Information Centre in Moscow
Friday, 16 March 2018 00:00

On March 15 MUNRFE delegation to National Model UN 2018 was honored to attend the United Nations Information Centre in Moscow (UNIC), Russia . Members of the delegation had a fruitful discussion with UNIC National Information Officer Mr. Vladimir S. Pavinskiy who covered the key goals and areas of work of the Centre during his briefing. Moreover, Mr. Pavinsliy shared the practical experience of working within UN Department of Public Information and coordinating activities with the main office in New York, as well as specifics of UNIC collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, institutions and universities of the central part of Russia. Additionally, he made an emphasis on the cooperation of UNIC with other UN bodies and offices in Russia, in particular, United Nations Development Programme and Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights. The meeting was also beneficial for the delegation members in frames of their preparation for the upcoming Conference and topics to be chosen.

MUNRFE Vladivostok Club Round Table 2018 "Preventing financial crimes to foster international economic security"
Friday, 16 March 2018 01:42

From March 26 to April 7, 2018, MUNRFE Vladivostok Club will conduct the Round Table 2018, where students of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) will examine current issues and problems of the topic – Preventing financial crimes to foster international economic security.

Program of the event includes a set of lectures and trainings aimed at specific features of national economic policies of all countries around the world in order to promote International Financial Relations and the role of the United Nations in the Global Development. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to improve their skills related to public speaking, learn more about the art of debate and decision-making process.

During two weeks participants will be attending the lectures of FEFU professors specializing in the World Economy, as well as experienced members of MUNRFE, who have represented the Organization abroad at International MUN Conferences in New York, Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul, Moscow and other cities around the world. The first lecture will be held on March 26, at 18:30, in aud. A825 of the Far Eastern Federal University Campus.

MUNRFE organizes Earth Hour 2018 in FEFU
Friday, 16 March 2018 01:14

Model United Nations of the Russian Far East jointly with Far Eastern Federal University will organize Earth Hour 2018 which is to be held on March 24 in FEFU, A building, 4th floor, “Ajax”, 7:30 p.m.

Earth Hour is a global movement that unites millions of people around the world, who are ready to save our planet. The key aspect of Earth Hour is that people turn off the lights in their houses or workplaces to demonstrate their respect for Earth and acknowledge others about serious environmental problems.

For the second time young leaders of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club will become organizers of Earth Hour in the University, having a great wish to involve all FEFU students in global movement and spread the information about the importance of environmental issues.

Deadline for Grant Competition for Far Eastern Model UN 2018 is prolonged
Thursday, 15 March 2018 00:21

Model United Nations on the Russian Far East is glad to announce that the Grant Competition for the participation in the Far Eastern Model UN 2018 is prolonged till March 31.

The non-Vladivostok delegates still have an opportunity to get:

1. 50% refund of transportation to Vladivostok (Economy class); or

2. Free accommodation during the Conference at FEFU Hotel Complex (4 nights).

In order to pretend for one of the prizes of Grant Competition participants should accomplish the following assignments:

- to write the Motivational Letter where the candidate should give the comprehensive respond to the question “Why do I want to participate at FEMUN 2018?”;

-to prepare the Essay on one of FEMUN 2018 agenda items where the candidate should express his/her knowledge on the main topic of the Committee, alluding to the official documents adopted by the United Nations as well as other international organizations.

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