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MUNRFE | Model United Nations of the Russian Far East
Welcome the New Presidential Team of Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club!

Last week became a very important period for Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club. The Club had completed leadership elections. 

We're highly delighted to announce the new President of Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club who has been elected by the club, proved his responsibility and eagerness for new activities. The person who will hold that honored position from this moment is Yuriy Kochegarov.
Later, after thorough evaluation of all candidates for the position of Vice-President, Yuriy Kochegarov appointed his right hand.
Vitaliy Savenkov will hold the position of the Vice-President of the Club.

Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club believes that with these people leading the Club and all the supporters of the New Presidential Team the club will grow, change and broad its opportunities. The whole MUNRFE wishes them success in fulfilling the responsibilities they are given. MD Team would like to congratulate new Presidential Team of Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club with being elected to this honored position.
Dear Yuriy and Vitaliy, this is the unique time in the history of your club and MUNRFE - we rarely have (if not never had) a totally male Presidential Team for the club! Show your professionalism, steady the rigidity of your club and make all your plans come true!

Welcome the New Presidential Team of Blago MUNRFE Club!

Firestarter 2010 was successfully conducted!




One of the most pleasurable projects of Model United Nations of the Russian Far East – Summer Programme FireStarter’2010 – was successfully conducted in the August, 2010 basing on children recreation center “Energetic” in Khabarovsk. In collaboration with “Rodnik Zdorovya” public corporation and Far Eastern State Transport University (FESTU) the Programme gathered 47 bright and talented high-school students from Vladivostok, Blagoveshchensk, Ussuriysk, Arsenyev, Podyapolsk, Nahodka and Khabarovsk.

MUNRFE Participated in Seliger-2010!



3000 students.

More than 30 countries.

450 km far from Moscow.

The mix of hiking atmosphere and world politics.

This is all about Seliger.

Registration for the IX International MUNRFE Conference is opened!

MUNRFE MD Team and the Secretariat of the IX International MUNRFE Conference: "Detangling the Chaos of Crises: from Vortex to Helix" are delighted to announce the registration for the IX International MUNRFE Conference to be opened! It is available at

We would like to clarify the pecularities of the registration process. During the first round of registration only a limited number of countries is available. This is done in order to make sure that SC and ICJ have sufficient amount of delegates. The applicant should send its preferences to the Secretariat using the registration form of the Conference's website. The first distribution of countries will happen right after the first round of registration is finished - August 21, 2010.


Should you have any questions, please, address them to

Good luck in preparation!

ICJ Chairperson for 61st Session of MUNFW in San-Francisco!




Having great results and positive experience in conducting ICJ of Annual Sessions of MUNFW in San-Francisco, and being granted an opportunity to host this comittee during 61st Session of MUNFW in April 2011, MUNRFE has chosen the person, who will occupy high position of ICJ Chair! This great responsibility is granted to Semyon Korotich!






XVII MUNRFE Presidents Council Decisions and Project Roadmap Reviewed

XVII MUNRFE Presidents Council was successfully conducted in Blagoveshchensk. During this council Presidents were to take care of really historic decisions for MUNRFE, such as election of new MD Team, promotion strategies, ALumni Reunion. The result of the Council's work is reflected in the Decisions of the XVII MUNRFE Presidents Council that you can download using the link bellow.

XVII MUNRFE Presidents Council Decisions (PDF)


During this Council, Presidents also announced their Clubs' project plans and reflected on the previous projects implementation. This led to the review of the MUNRFE Projects Roadmap for 2010. Which you can find bellow. MD Team strongly encourages all member of MUNRFE to take a moment and look through it, so that every member of MUNRFE will get aquiainted with the projects that MUNRFE will conduct in the next half a year.

San Francisco 2010 Report & Feed


San Francisco Team, participated in 60th Session of MUN Far West had finally returned back home! Great respect to these brilliant people, who managed to make a real difference in MUNFW Conferences! This year SF Team moves to introduce a new concept of team's report - news feed, where all these people will tell MUNRFE about their work, rest, feelings and everything connected to their trip.

But before we start this feed, I would like to state some dry facts about this team and this MUNFW Session:

1. 60th MUNFW Session became a joint anniversary for MUNFW Inc. and MUNRFE, as it is our 10th time we participate in MUNFW Sessions,

2. For the first time in the history of MUNFW a brand new legal issues committee was introduced and successfully performed by Olga Kostina and 12 briliant judges with the help of California State University Long Beach Advisor - Mr. Larry Martinez,

3. 60th MUNFW Session became the largest session of MUNFW ever conducted, as it has gathered 614 delegates from USA, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Phillipines, Ukraine and other states,

4. For the firsts time in the gistory of MUNFW Sessions ALL the committees had chosen rapportoires,

5. This SF Session is the first time, when MUNRFE technically represented 3 countries simultaneously - Mexico, Chile, Slovakia,

6. Mr. Sergey Gubchenko became the rapportoire to the GA from the International Court of Justice during the closing plenary,

7. MUNRFE Advisor, Igor Novikov, together with Olga Kostina, convinced MUNFW Board of Directors to repeat ICJ Simulation on the next MUNFW Session with MUNRFE representative as a Chair,

8. This session was the last time MUNRFE chaired the UN Security Council (by Vladislav Sklyanov), though thanks to Igor Novikov, MUNRFE was granted to run two committees during the 62nd Session of MUNFW,

9. Finally, MUNRFE SF'10 Team became the first team, who spent their rest in Los Angeles!

APEC YS updates!
Monday, 05 April 2010 18:34

Dear future participants of APEC Youth Summit 2010

See the updates on Summit preparation process:

1) The Countries’ Chart is updated! (

So, if you are going to apply for a participation, please, while fulfilling the preference of countries you want to represent, look the chart to know whether this or that country is free or already taken.

2) You have a unique chance to make a research paper during your preparation to the summit and to have it published in one of the famous collection of research papers on the Russian Far East. It will be a good experience and bonus for you in your future studying and career.

You have time till 10th of April to apply for participation. Don’t miss your chance.
Good luck!)

APEC Youth Summit Updates
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 15:51

Dear potential and future delegates of APEC Youth Summit,
For you to know that current news about the process of preparation to the summit are:

1) Participation Fee will be no more than 5800 rub./200$ (residence, nutrition, infrastructure fee and banquet)! But you may also lower your fee by not attending the banquet, so your fee will be 3800 rub/$127.
2) We are currently working to attract more sponsors.

3) The last chance for you to apply for participation in APEC Youth Summit is till 10th of April!

 More details you may find searching our website in “APEC Youth Summit” insert.

APEC Youth Summit 2010 updates
Saturday, 06 March 2010 13:27



APEC Youth Summit 2010 updates!

Dear potential and future delegates of APEC Youth Summit, For you to know that current news about the process of preparation to the summit are:
1) Participation Fee will be no more than 200$!
2) The deadline to apply for participation in APEC Youth Summit is 25th of March.

More details you may find searching our website in “APEC Youth Summit” insert.


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