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MUNRFE | Model United Nations of the Russian Far East
Autumn Master Classes 2011

«We have experienced 5 unforgettable weeks of mind-blowing lectures and conceptions. We have overcome all the trainings and completed all the tasks the Coordinators invented for us. We were extremely gorgeous at our Country Presentation! We even passed the exam! We debated during the Mini-Conference! Finally, we graduated!» - that is what all VladMUN newcomers can proudly say about themselves.

VladMUNRFE Autumn Master Classes 2011 celebrated its successful completion on the 1st of November, right after all the saints rejoiced over their remembrance. Paying tribute to this popular feast, the Graduation Party took place in the abode of evil spirits which eventually occurred in VSUES that night. In spite of eerie atmosphere of the holiday, 35 MUN School graduates and many active MUNers attended this event and a bit sadly, but anticipating the new great achievements, saw off the last appearance of these Master Classes. They had a lot to recollect.

MUNRFE Advisers Team for AIMUN 2012

After very hot deliberations, bearing in mind the fact, that AIMUN Conference shall receive as much our efforts as possible for fruitful MUNRFE promotion, MD Team has decided to appoint two advisers for MUNRFE Team to AIMUN 2012. This measure will definitely foster the preparation process for AIMUN 2012 to make it as hard and productive as preparation for NY or SF Conferences.

We shall welcome one of the most experienced member of MUNRFE, participant of more than 8 various MUN Conferences all over the world - Sergey Gubchenko andhonorable Coordinator of the X International MUNRFE Session, participant of AIMUN 2011 - Catherine Vognerubova as Advisers of MUNRFE Team to AIMUN 2012!Please, accept our sincere congratulations!

The new President of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club

We are glad to inform you that Denis Chaplinskiy was elected to perform presidential duties for Vladivostok MUNRFE Club. We are more than sure that it is a great honor for Denis, as well as a great responsibility.

Denis became a member of MUNRFE in October 2009 after successful completion of VladMUNRFE Autumn Master Classes. From his first days of active work in the club he showed himself as a person strongly committed to the values of the organization and to systematic approach. For the last 2 years Denis proved his professionalism and accountability participating in and contributing to numerous projects of the club and serving on different positions in the Cabinet during last 14 months.

We wish Denis and his team to have enough passion and persistence in order to implement successfully all planned projects for the development of Vladivostok Club.

Firestarter 2011

13-27 of August the summer program “FireStarter 2011” was held. 49 participants: 13 from Blagoveshchensk, 21 from Vladivostok, 15 from Khabarovsk, and 9 advisors were gathered in “Energetic” camp. Participants had an opportunity to attend lectures and to pass a course of trainings, where they could learn more about public speaking, leadership, time-management, international organizations and relations, goal setting, marketing. Moreover, entertainment part was also included in a daily schedule, where participants could demonstrate their talents, creativity and how they could work in teams also. For two days participants were given a chance to take part in parliamentary debates and in mini conference, where they had an opportunity to look into some of the global issues.

APEC 2011 national selection was successfully conducted in Vladivostok

This year our organization together with Far Eastern Federal University was responsible for conduction of national selection for “Voices of the Future” (VOF) youth program that will be held in the frames of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in November 2011, Hawaii, United States.

Annual “VOF” youth program has the 11-year history. It gives young representatives of member economies from Asia-Pacific Region the unique chance to represent their countries during APEC Summit. The program provides the platform for youth delegations from different countries for expressing their opinions about processes that take place in Asia-Pacific Region to the participants of APEC Summit. Also, young leaders have an opportunity to communicate with leading politicians and business representatives.

APEC 2011 Voices of the Future Programme: National Selection conducted

Model United Nations of the Russian Far East in cooperation with Far Eastern Federal University has conducted the National selection for APEC VOF 2011 programme, which will take place on 8-13 November, Honolulu, USA. As the result, 6 students from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk were chosen as Russian Federation Youth ambassadors for this programme. Their names are: Anastasiya Burmistrova, Aleksander Pilyay, Daria Fedorova (Far Eastern Federal University), Viktor Klementiev (Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law), Marianna Belinskaya (Saint Petersburg State University), and Antonina Gromyko (Moscow State University of International Relations). During the APEC VOF winners will attend meeting of APEC Business Advisory Council, Working groups meetings, CEO Summit, and, of course, Leaders Summit, when Heads of 21 member-economies will greet each other.

New President of Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club

Honorable MUNRFE members! It is our pleasure to announce that today, on the 9th of September, 2011, elections of the President of Blagoveshchnesk MUNRFE Club were conducted. And MUNRFE shall welcome Liliya Yakubova, who has successfully won the elections. Ms. Yakubova, please, take our sincere congratulations with your new office.

Liliya, who's path in MUNRFE began in 2008, is one of the most experienced members not only in Blagoveshchensk Club, but in the entire Organization also. She has shown her devotion to MUNRFE via her participation in numerous MUN Conferences, FireStarters, Master-Classes and other MUNRFE projects.

We wish you good luck with your new responsibilities. We believe you will perform your job in the best way possible and together we will lead MUNRFE to the brightest future! One more time, please, accept our warmest congratulations!

Global Model United Nations 2011 successfully ended!


3rd Annual Global Model UN is over. It is not just yet another MUN Conference. Global MUN is more than 600 delegates from 65 all over the world representing different MUN associations. Global MUN is the Conference with the most realistic procedural rules, almost the same with real procedural rules of the United Nations General Assembly, presence of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and other high-ranked UN officials, adopted resolutions drafted to the UN Headquarters in New York and another step forward for MUNRFE.

Global Model United Nations 2011 has started!

It is our great pleasure to share with you the information from the Republic of Korea: the 3rd Global Model United Nations Conference in the Korean city Inchon has started!

The honor of MUNRFE is represented there by Olga Katina, Alexey Sidorenko, Andrey Kozinets and Anastasia Skripnick. We would like to mention especially that Anastasia Skripnick is the member of Secretariat during such a big and important youth related international event.

More than 600 delegates from all over the world will have debates in frames 4 committees of the UN General Assembly: 1st Committee – international security and disarmament, 2nd Committee – economic and financial issues, 3rd Committee – Social, Humanitarian and Cultural affairs and 4th Committee – special political and decolonization issues.

XIX MUNRFE Presidents Council

The XIX MUNRFE Pres. Council took place in Vladivostok, 1-3 of July.

For the first time for the last 2 years the Council was held in 3 instead of 2 days which gave all the participants more time in order to discuss all the issues in detailed properties. For the first time in a while MUNRFE Founder Jeffrey Lindstrom took part in Pres. Council and contributed a lot to the productivness of the Council through asking catchy questions and making wise remarks and comments.

Also for the first time the incorporator of Non-Ptofit Making Partnership “MUNRFE” T.A. Gubaidulina took part in such important project for Model United Nations of the Russian Far East.

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