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MUNRFE | Model United Nations of the Russian Far East
MUNRFE expresses its deepest condolences on Vitaly Churkin's passing
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 20:48

On February 21, 2017 the world has witnessed the loss of one of the most prominent Russian diplomats, who has been serving as Russia's permanent representative to the UN for more than 10 years - H.E. Vitaly I. Churkin. H.E. Churkin passed away a day before his 65th anniversary, in New York.

He started his career in 1974 during the work of CPSU Secretary-General Leonid Brezhnev and worked in the Foreign Ministry's system for over 40 years. He was an interpreter in the negotiations of Brezhnev and US President Jimmy Carter on the SALT-2 in Geneva. Since 1982 he was the second, then the first Secretary of the Soviet Embassy in the United States. From 1987 to 1989 Vitaly Churkin was an Assistant of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee, in 1989-1990 – the Press-secretary of the Foreign Minister of the USSR Eduard Shevardnadze. In 1991-1992 – the Head of the Information Department of the Ministry of External Relations of the USSR, after that – in Russian Foreign Ministry.

Welcome the coordinator of "FireStarter 2017"
Friday, 17 February 2017 18:30

MUNRFE is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Yana Krasnitskaya for the position of the Coordinator of one of the key events in the Organization, which is Summer Program “FireStarter 2017”. This project has successfully been realized for 15 consecutive years and 2017 will not be an exception.

Throughout her career in MUNRFE, Ms. Krasnitskaya was a member of organizing committees of Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit 2015 and Far Eastern Model UN 2016. Moreover, she brightly proved her personal leadership skills by being an adviser of Autumn Master Classes 2016 in FEFU, where her team got a lot of awards. Furthermore, she successfully represented MUNRFE as a delegate to National Model UN 2016 in Kobe, where she had been granted an award. Currently, Ms. Krasnitskaya is representing her position as the President of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club.

Welcome SG and USG for Conference Management of MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017
Thursday, 16 February 2017 16:38

MUNRFE is happy to introduce to you the Secretary-General and the Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management of MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017: Secretary-General – Ms. Anna Timokhina, Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management – Ms. Yulia Nedelkina. These ladies have already shown outstanding results in terms of work in MUNRFE. They have been actively engaged in the Management of Clubs as well as have proved their leadership and professionalism while working on various projects within the Organization. Ms. Anna Timokhina became the member of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club almost two years ago. During her career, she was the Coordinator of the Round Table «European Migrant Crisis» in FEFU and Autumn Master Classes «New Step – New Achievement» in Vladivostok.

MUNRFE representatives at WIMUN 2017, New York
Thursday, 16 February 2017 16:26

On February 1-4, MUNRFE Executive Director, Ms. Elena Kiseleva and Ms. Victoria Yavorskaya have taken part in the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA) International MUN (WIMUN) 2017 in New York, USA. Prior the event both ladies have successfully passed the international selection process and became the only representatives from the Russian Federation. Ms. Kiseleva performed the duties of the Secretary of the General Assembly Committee One (University division) and Ms. Yavorskaya performed the duties of the Secretary of the General Assembly Committee Three (High School division). This year WIMUN gathered more than 800 participants from around 65 countries. The agenda of the conference was devoted to the Sustainable Development Goal 16: “Peace, justice and strong institutions”.

Presidential Elections in Vladivostok Club
Wednesday, 15 February 2017 19:52

On February, 13 the Presidential Elections were successfully conducted in MUNRFE Vladivostok Club. Two bright and ambitious Сlub members – Ms. Yana Krasnitskaya (a former Vice-President) and Mr. Alexey Stanonis were nominated as the candidates. Both of them have presented their Presidential statements to the Club beforehand. The election process included informative presentations of both candidates, which invoked a great interest of all Club members and was followed by a further discussion. Each candidate demonstrated sincere passion to lead the Club. This Elections were one of the most competitive in the history of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club and took around 3 hours.

As a result, by a majority of vote, Ms. Yana Krasnitskaya was elected as MUNRFE Vladivostok Club President, with Ms. Anna Timokhina appointed as the Vice-President. MUNRFE is grateful to each and every nominee for their desire, confidence and wiliness to work hard for the whole Club. Moreover, we congratulate both selected ladies with having received the trust of the entire Club and we wish them every success in all beginnings.

Call for delegates to Moscow International Model UN 2017
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 23:55

Model United Nations of the Russian Far East jointly with the Department of Youth Affairs of the Far Eastern Federal University are delighted to announce the start for the application process among FEFU students to participate in the Moscow International Model United Nations (MIMUN) 2017 that shall be implemented in MGIMO-University on April 16 – 21, 2017. The participation is open for full-time bachelor, master and PhD students. In order to participate in the selection process, the applicants shall fill in the application form attached below and send it to no later than 19 February (23:59), 2017 (Vladivostok time zone). The applications will be considered in the period of February 20-22, 2017, after which, up to 10 applicants will be invited for the interview. Those applicants who will demonstrate most outstanding skills and capacities will comprise the FEFU delegation to MIMUN 2017. The Expert Commission of the selection process is composed of the following officials: Ms. Elena A. Kiseleva (MUNRFE Executive Director), Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov (MUNRFE Director-General), Dr. Elena V. Saprykina (FEFU Deputy Vice-President for International Affairs), Mr. Sergey O. Shishmakov (FEFU United Council of Students Chairman), Dr. Andrey N. Shushin (FEFU Vice-President for Academic Affairs), Ms. Ekaterina V. Tretiakova (Far Eastern MUN 2017 Secretary-General), Mr. Ilya O. Yaskov (FEFU Youth Affais Department Director).

Welcome the Senior Secretariat of the Far Eastern Model UN 2017
Saturday, 11 February 2017 07:01

MUNRFE is delighted to introduce the leaders of the upcoming Far Eastern Model UN 2017 (May, 3-6, Vladivostok), who will be in charge of the implementation of this unique Conference: the Secretary-General - Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova and the Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management Ms. Aleksandra Kosyreva.

Throughout their MUN career both ladies have been actively involved in the development of MUNRFE. Ms. Tretiakova has been a member of MUNRFE for three years. Throughout her membership in the Organization, Ekaterina has represented MUNRFE at several international conferences, including Moscow, Indonesia and New York. Except for Model UN experience Ekaterina has been actively involved into project management activities. She has contributed to the implementation of the Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit 2015 as the Head of PR, consequently Ekaterina got a chance to represent MUNRFE at the Fourth ASEAN-Russia Youth Summit 2016 in Cambodia.

XXVIII Presidential Council
Wednesday, 25 January 2017 17:24

MUNRFE XXVIII Presidential Council has been successfully conducted in Vladivostok on January 21-22, 2017. This important event was attended by Mr. Vitaly Savenkov (MUNRFE Director-General), Ms. Elena Kiseleva (MUNRFE Executive Director), Ms. Ksenia Shevtsova (Counselor for Project Management), Mr. Jesse Thomas (Counselor for External Affairs), Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova (Vladivostok Club President), Ms. Yana Krasnitskaya (Vladivostok Club Vice-President), Ms. Alexandra Gritsenko, Ms. Anna Timokhina, Ms. Olga Bukach (MUNRFE Alumna) and Ms. Kristina Nozhnyuk (representative from Blagoveshchensk New Site Development (NSD). The first day of the Council was marked by the presentation of the reports provided by the Board, Vladivostok Club and Blagoveshchensk NSD.

Meeting with the Acting President of FEFU, Dr. Nikita Yu. Anisimov
Sunday, 22 January 2017 20:21

On January 19, 2017 the Vladivostok MUNRFE Club, being one of the most international student organizations of Far Eastern Federal University, had a meeting with the Acting President of the Far Eastern Federal University, Dr. Nikita Yu. Anisimov. The main topic of the conversation was the adaptation to life and studies in the University of international FEFU students. Nowadays there are around 3200 international students from 52 different countries in FEFU. That is why it is highly important to create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and help them to participate in the saturated and interesting life of Far Eastern Federal University. During the meeting the development of bilingual environment was discussed, the involvement of international students in the extracurricular life - scientific, creative, public and organization of mass youth events. In order to achieve this goal MUNRFE annually holds Conferences and other events where Russian and international students participate in Model UN sessions and discuss the most important global issues.

New appointments
Wednesday, 11 January 2017 23:53

The year of 2017 has started for MUNRFE with a few new changes in the composition of the organization management. First of all, the composition of the Board changed due to the fact that Ms. Victoria Yavorskaya left the position of the Deputy Executive Director. MUNRFE expresses its gratitude to Ms. Yavorskaya for her contribution towards MUNRFE development, which deserves universal recognition within the Organization. Being one of the youngest members of the Board, Victoria has demonstrated unbelievable commitment, devotion, and effectiveness. Besides changes in the Board composition, a few new appointments have been made. MUNRFE is delighted to appoint Mr. Jesse Thomas as a new Counselor for External Affairs of MUNRFE. Being one of the most professional and passionate members makes Mr. Thomas fully deserve this position. In turn, the person who occupied this position previously, namely Ms. Ksenia Shevtsova, will now occupy the position of the Counselor for Project Management. Her experience and relevant skills and capacities make her absolutely eligible for this position.

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