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MUNRFE | Model United Nations of the Russian Far East
MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference
Wednesday, 31 August 2016 11:14

Model United Nations of the Russian Far East (MUNRFE) jointly with Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) invites young leaders to participate in the traditional annual event - MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference. From 2 to 5 of December on the FEFU campus perspective delegates will have a chance to become diplomats, defending interests of represented states and to elaborate a common solution in response to the global issues, such as preventing an arms race in outer space, protection of the global climate, resolution of the crisis in Syria, strengthening human rights of refugees and appraisal of development projects.

The program of the Conference includes simulation of one Russian-speaking committee – UN General Assembly; and three English-speaking committees – UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Council and World Bank. The best delegates who will demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, accountability, knowledge and debate skills will be granted with an opportunity to participate in the National Model UN 2017 in New-York, the largest Model UN Conference in the world.

Welcome the Secretary-General of MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference
Friday, 15 July 2016 22:15

Alike the real United Nations, the upcoming MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference cannot be organized without its Secretary-General. In this regard MUNRFE is glad to announce the person, who shall lead the upcoming flagship event of the organization.

After the deep consideration of applicant, MUNRFE Board has made a decision to appoint one of the most devoted and professional persons in the Organization – MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Elena A. Kiseleva.

Ms. Kiseleva has been involved in Model UN activities for about five years. She has been an active member of MUNRFE, having served the duties of Khabarovsk MUNRFE President, MUNRFE Counselor and now a Deputy Executive Director. She has participated both as a delegate and as a Secretariat Officer in more than 10 Model UN Conferences worldwide, including National Model UN Conferences in Incheon (2013) and New York (2015). In 2016 she became a winner of the Grant Competition for participation in Moscow International Model UN. Elena’s participation in UN4MUN Workshop in Tokyo (2014) served a starting point for her successful performance as a Secretary-General of the first UN4MUN Conference in the Russian Federation – Far Eastern Model UN 2016. In frames of the organization Elena was selected to be an adviser of MUNRFE team to National Model UN 2016 in Kobe, Japan. Besides, in summer 2016 Ms. Kiseleva was selected to participate in WIMUN 2017 in New York as GA Secretary.

MUNRFE representatives selected as Secretariat officers at WIMUN 2017
Friday, 15 July 2016 21:59

MUNRFE is pleased to congratulate Ms. Elena A. Kiseleva and Ms. Victoria V. Yavorskaya, the Deputy Executive Directors of MUNRFE, on being selected to perform the duties of the Secretariat officers of WFUNA International Model United Nations Conference (WIMUN) in New York in the upcoming February 2017.

Having gained an experience of the implementation of the first UN4MUN Conference in the Russian Federation in frames of the recent Far Eastern Model UN 2016 as its Secretary-General and the Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management respectively, both Ms. Kiseleva and Ms. Yavorskaya have successfully passed the competitive selection process among the high-qualified applications and were selected as the only two Russian representatives to be a part of the Secretariat at the premier Model UN conference in the world simulating the UN4MUN Rules of Procedure introduced by the United Nations Department of Public Information. The WIMUN will be held from February 1-4, holding its Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Vladivostok Club organized the International Children’s’ Day in the Orphanage №2

One of the mechanisms for MUNRFE to influence the development of our society is implemented by arranging regular meetings in the orphanages of the Russian Far East. Under the guidance of Ms. Yana Krasnitskaya on June, 1 the social project was conducted in the Orphanage №2. Several Vladivostok MUNRFE members organized a holiday devoted to the International Children’s’ Day in a format of games and competitions. At the end of the event the children were given a lot of warm words and delicious sweets, which were donated by MUNRFE members. The day finished with friendly embrace, joint photo and a promise to visit this place one more time.

MUNRFE believes that social projects are very important for the Organization as we participate in the children’s integration into the society and provide them with knowledge about the world that surrounds them. We are looking forward to expanding MUNRFE visits to the places of high social importance.

Representatives of the World Bank Group deliver a lecture at the Far Eastern Federal University and Advanced Leadership School 2016
Tuesday, 31 May 2016 14:37

On May 26, 2016, in cooperation with the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East an open lecture was read by the World Bank staff at the Far Eastern Federal University.

The lecture was delivered by Ms. Yulia Komagaeva, Coordinator of the World Bank Program on supporting Russia’s role in International Development Cooperation, in cooperation with Ms. Larisa Fugol and Mr. Vitaly Nagornov, World Bank consultants. During the lecture, the students deepened their knowledge of the work of the international financial institution and its twin goals to fight extreme poverty around the world and boost shared prosperity. Moreover, the students learnt about Russia as a donor and country's role in the international development cooperation.

Following an open lecture by the World Bank, its representatives organized a special workshop for participants of the Advanced Leadership School 2016 on the results-based project management with subsequent business game related to G20 model.

ALS 2016: Report
Tuesday, 31 May 2016 13:10

From May, 26 to 27 members of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club have successfully participated in the Advanced Leadership School 2016. The event took place in the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University under the leadership of Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova. This time MUNFE was honored to host outstanding guests, the specialists from the World Bank Office in Moscow as well as one MUNRFE alumnus.

During the first day of the School the participants and students of FEFU had a chance to visit an open lecture delivered by Ms. Julia Komagaeva, the coordinator of the World Bank Program for strengthening the role of Russia in the sphere of the International Development Assistance, Ms. Larisa Fugol and Mr. Vitaly Nagornov, the World Bank Consultants. After the introduction to the work of the organization and fruitful briefing on the Russia’s role in the international development, participants moved to the second part, a closed workshop on Project Management from the World Bank staff. The day was successfully completed by training in the format of a business game modeling the meeting of G20, where the participants introduced their projects prepared beforehand, representing different international organizations. As a result, three projects were adopted.

Open lecture from the Word Bank Group in FEFU
Wednesday, 25 May 2016 13:07

On May, 26 the open lecture from the Word Bank Group officers will be conducted at the Far Eastern Federal University campus. The lecture will be delivered by Ms. Julia Komagaeva, the coordinator of the World Bank Program for strengthening the role of Russia in the sphere of the International Development Assistance.

The Word Bank Group is the international financial institution aimed at fighting global poverty in all its dimensions and boosting shared prosperity. Owing to the cooperation of the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East and the World Bank Group, the students of FEFU will be honored to listen to the professionals from the international financial institutions.

During the open lecture, students will deepen their knowledge in the fields of World Bank functions and its significant role of the Russian Federation in provision of the international development assistance. The lecture will be held on 26 May, 12:00 in the Conference Hall of the FEFU Department of Youth Policy (auditorium A840). All interested are highly invited to attend this lecture.

Far Eastern Model UN 2016: Report

It is now pride and honor for MUNRFE to become the pioneer in the Russian Federation that has implemented the first Model UN Conference, using the UN4MUN approach developed by the United Nations Department for Public Information – the Far Eastern Model UN (FEMUN) 2016.

The Conference has been successfully implemented on May 5-8 in the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia. Overall FEMUN 2016 gathered an approximate number of 60 delegates from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk and Vladivostok, including foreign representatives from the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia and Zambia.

FEMUN 2016 was marked with attendance of the following high profile speakers: the Head of the Division of Scholarship and Grant programs, FEFU Department of Youth Affairs – Ms. Natalia E. Spichenkova and the Attaché of the Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Vladivostok – Mr. Alexey V. Shchetinin, who welcomed the delegates at the Opening Ceremony along with the welcoming speeches by MUNRFE Director-General – Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov and the Acting Secretary-General of the Far Eastern Model UN 2016 – Ms. Ksenia O. Shevtsova. Moreover the participants were exclusively addressed with the welcoming video message from Mr. Vladimir V. Kuznetsov, the Director of the United Nations Information Center in Moscow.

MUNRFE Director-General at the WFUNA International Model UN (WIMUN) in Agra, India
Sunday, 15 May 2016 20:35

MUNRFE Director-General, Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov, successfully represented the organization at the WFUNA International Model UN in Arga, India from April 28 to May 2, 2016. Following the UN4MUN format the Conference gathered overall about 200 international students from 20 different countries across all continents. Mr. Savenkov was invited to perform the duties of the Director of the United Nations Security Council, which discussed the agenda of “The Road Map for Peace Process in Syria”. The Conference was organized by the World Federation of the United Nations (WFUNA). The event was marked with the participation of Mr. Bonian Golmohammadi, the Secretary-General of the WFUNA and Mr. Bill Yotive, the main author of the UN4MUN Concept and the former Project Coordinator for the Global Teaching and Learning Project of the Education Outreach section of the UN Department for Public Information.

WIMUN India 2016 became the largest conference implemented in accordance with the UN4MUN concept, which being is actively promoted by the United Nations. The concept is aimed to facilitate the accuracy of the simulation of the United Nations work throughout Model UN Conferences.

MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director at the Moscow International Model UN 2016
Tuesday, 03 May 2016 11:08

MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Elena A. Kiseleva has successfully represented MUNRFE at the Moscow International Model UN, the largest Model UN conference in the Russian Federation, which was conducted on 17-22 April 2016 and traditionally implemented in the leading Russian university of the international relations – MGIMO-University.

Prior the Conference Ms. Kiseleva was selected as one of the Grant Competition winners which granted her an opportunity to participate in MIMUN 2016 having a full reimbursement of all expenses, including a round-trip ticket, accommodation and meals during the conference. In accordance with the MIMUN 2016 Grant Competition, the perspective participants were required to submit an essay on the relevant agenda item and to go through an interview with the MIMUN Secretariat. The requirements for successful participation were the demonstration of English proficiency, ability to express thoughts correctly and logically, competence and knowledge on agenda of the selected committee and the structure of the United Nations.

Ms. Kiseleva performed the role of the Republic of Iraq, an observer state in the UN Security Council, debating on the agenda of elimination of the international terrorism.

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