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MUNRFE | Model United Nations of the Russian Far East
Results of the Presidential Elections in Vladivostok MUNRFE Club

On February, 10 there were held the Presidential Elections in the Far Eastern Federal University. According to results, Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova by an unanimous vote was elected as a leader, having served a previous term as the Vice-President of the Club. The newly elected President appointed Ms. Alyona Filimonova as her Vice-President.

Latter, a new composition of the Cabinet was appointed: Yana Krasnitskaya, Bogdan Naumov, Julia Kosyakova, Saiho Mongush, Anna Timokhina.


MUNRFE believes that new elected management of the Club has all the capacity to lead the Club to the brightest future. Likewise, MUNRFE would like to congratulate the leaders of the Club and wish them all the best.

XXVII MUNRFE Presidential Council held in Khabarovsk

On January 23-24, 2016, the XXVII Presidential Council, the highest meeting of MUNRFE, was held in the city of Khabarovsk. During 2 days MUNRFE Board and Clubs' representatives were reviewing the performance of the Organization in the year 2015, as well as approving projects for the upcoming year. Likewise, Club Presidents and active members shared their vision upon management strategies on how to improve the level of key MUNRFE projects.

During the first day the Council discussed reports submitted by the Presidents Ms. Anastasia Stasyuk (Khabarovsk) and Ms. Victoria Yavorskaya (Vladivostok), analyzing their Club projects and perspectives for the year 2016. The next day was devoted to the discussion of the report presented by MUNRFE Board: the Director-General, Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov, the Executive Director, Ms. Ksenia O. Shevtsova, and the Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Elena A. Kiseleva. The Council carefully examined such issues as the results of implementation of the Regional and MUNRFE Annual Conferences 2015, FireStarter Summer Program 2015, Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit, NY National MUN, Indonesia MUN, WFUNA International MUN, and other projects, as well as overall managerial performance of the Organization.

Finally, according to the adopted decisions the following MUNRFE projects were approved for 2016: Far Eastern Model UN in May, FireStarter Summer Program in August, and MUNRFE Annual Conference in November-December. Notably, all the above mentioned projects shall be held in the city of Vladivostok.

The President of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club at the Youth Meeting by the Governor of Primorsky Kray

On the 25th of January, at the National Day of Students, Mr. Vladimir Miklushevsky, the Governor of Primorsky Kray, held a meeting with the brightest student representatives from the entire region. The head of Primorye had a fruitful conversation about successful projects, new perspectives and daily work of the Governor with future regional elite. The students addressed a variety of questions to Mr. Miklushevsky, which mainly covered youth-related spheres. A representative of MUNRFE, the President of Vladivostok Club, Ms. Victoria Yavorskaya, had an opportunity to propose a discussion about a possibility to arrange the Youth Economic Forum on the threshold of the second Eastern Economic Forum. In turn, Vladimir Vladimirovich expressed his interest and promised to share this idea with the federal leadership of Russia.

Totally, more than 50 students from 9 universities attended the meeting, which was held in the museum of Arsenyev. The composition included outstanding young researchers, sportsmen, and artists, NGO representatives, winners of various regional, national and international contests and competitions. The Governor pointed out that modern youth has a wide choice of applying their talents and skills into practice, especially living in one of the most perspective and developing regions of the Russian Federation.

MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director is a winner of MIMUN 2016 Grant Competition

The Secretariat of Moscow International Model United Nations 2016 has conducted Grant Competition for citizens of the Russian Federation. The prize for winners is comprised of full reimbursement of expenses that includes round-trip ticket, accommodation and feeding during the conference.

According to the grant conditions, participants were supposed to write an essay on agenda item of the chosen committee and send it to the Secretariat. The authors of selected essays had to pass the interview conducted by the Evaluation Committee, which consisted of the MIMUN Secretary-General, President and Expert of the chosen committee. The requirements for successful implementation of interview stage were to show a high level of English, an ability to express thoughts correctly and logically, knowledge about agenda of the chosen committee and the UN structure.

As a result, MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director Ms. Elena Kiseleva was selected as a winner of the Grant Competition. MUNRFE congratulates Ms. Elena Kiseleva on this achievement and wishes success at the conference and to continue achieving future awards.

Results of the FEFU Student Awarding Ceremony “Ajax 2015”

Far Eastern Federal University Student Awarding Ceremony “Ajax” is established to honor the best students and youth organizations of the year. The awards are presented for outstanding successes in sport, art, science and social activities. 96 nominees were submitted to compete for a university “Oskar” of 2015. These nominees were considered by the Evaluation Committee, which consisted of the senior FEFU officials. After careful selection process, three nominees per nomination were presented to the honorable Expert Committee for final decision. MUNRFE is happy to be represented in three nominations simultaneously: Vladivostok MUNRFE Club and its members were nominated as the FEFU “Organization of the year in social activities”, Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit was nominated as the FEFU "Event of the year", and MUNRFE Executive Director Ms. Ksenia Shevtsova was nominated as the FEFU "Person of the year in social activities".

Finally, according to the decision of the Expert Committee Ms. Ksenia Shevtsova was honored to be awarded as FEFU "Ajax 2015 Person of the year in social activities". MUNRFE is deeply proud of this achievement, especially taking into account outstanding performance of Ms. Shevtsova in 2015, including her leadership of the Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit in Vladivostok.

Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club visited the Orphanage №6

MUNRFE helps youth not only to develop their English speaking skills and level of professionalism, but also to grow personally. On the 23d of December the members of Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club visited the Orphanage #6 for the second time. Such visits of the Club to this orphanage already became traditional and MUNRFE members tried very hard to keep the performance on the same high level. The clubmates organized a nice sketch devoted to the upcoming holiday, played different joyful games and wished everyone a Happy New Year. The children had the opportunity to show their talents to the Father Frost and get a plenty of sweet presents. Besides, Ms. Victoria Lysun presented a fantastic sand show which was very impressive for both kids and MUNRFE members! After the show children had the possibility to draw some sand pictures by themselves.

Vladivostok MUNRFE Club celebrated the New Year in the Orphanage №2

On the 20th of December members of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club visited the Orphanage №2 where they created an atmosphere of the upcoming New Year 2016. Under the leadership of Ms. Yana Krasnitskaya 11 members of Vladivostok Club prepared a show devoted to the New Year filled with games, songs and dances. With the support of «Globaldrive» Company the Club managed to buy sweet presents and gifts for 20 children. The children of the orphanage were excited about the celebration as they participated in all the activities, along with presenting New Year poems to the Father Frost.

MUNRFE Annual Conference 2015: Report

The biggest event for all MUNRFE members, the Annual Conference 2015, was held in MUNRFE birthplace, the city of Khabarovsk, at the Pacific National University on 27-30 November. Traditionally, the opening ceremony was attended by the leadership of MUNRFE and the hosting institution: MUNRFE Director-General Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov and Vice-President for Educational, Extra-Curricular Activities and Social Issues of the Pacific National University Dr. Alexander R. Mshvildadze. The delegates were offered to join the following committees: the Security Council (in English), the Economic and Social Council (in English), the World Bank (in English) and the Third Committee of the General Assembly (in Russian). It was the second time when MUNRFE Annual Conference simulated Russian-speaking committee, thus, this practice led the Organization to the entirely new level. Moreover, two seminars in English and Russian languages were conducted by MUNRFE Director-General Mr. Vitaly Savenkov and MUNRFE alumnus, MUNFW-2009 delegate, Mr. Sergey Gubchenko respectively. The Conference was concluded with the banquet where all participants were granted certificates and the best of them were announced.

MUNRFE Director-General successfully took part in UN DPI and WFUNA events in New York

Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov has been selected to participate in the UN Department of Public Information MUN Workshop conducted in the UN Headquarters, New York City, on November, 6 – 9. This Workshop became the second one for MUNRFE and Mr. Savenkov, after his participation in the previous Workshop held in Tokyo in 2014 together with Ms. Elena A. Kiseleva. Traditionally, the entire Workshop was conducted fully by UN officers, namely UN DPI Outreach Division Project Manager Mr. William Yotive and UN DPA Security Council Affairs Division Director Mr. Movses Abelian as a special guest.

After the Workshop, there has been the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA) International MUN (WIMUN) 2015 conducted on November, 10 – 14. Due to his successful selection, Mr. Savenkov performed the duties of the Secretary of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee of the General Assembly as the only Eastern Europe representative in the global Secretariat team of 25+ people. Totally, WIMUN 2015 gathered more than five hundred high school and university students from all over five continents, accompanied by the extensive guidance of the UN and WFUNA staff. The list of the key-note speakers at the opening and closing ceremonies in the GA Hall included the Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Jan Eliasson, the Under Secretary-General of Communications and Public Information Ms. Cristina Gallach, the Director of the UN DPI Outreach Division Mr. Maher Naser, the UN SG Envoy on Youth Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi, the WFUNA Secretary-General Mr. Bonian Golmohammadi.

Results of the Grant Competition to participate in the Annual MUNRFE Conference 2015

MUNRFE is happy to congratulate those delegates of the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2015, who were selected as the winners of the Grant Competition. According to the requirements, those delegates have successfully sent their Policy Papers in compliance with the deadline and received the highest evaluation. Please, join us in congratulations to Ms. Alyona Filimonova, USA, Security Council (Vladivostok), who will receive reimbursement for the travel expenses and free accommodation, and Mr. Alexey Stanonis, USA, GA Third Committee (Vladivostok), who will get free accommodation as well.

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