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It is no accidental that Khabarovsk is located in the middle between Blagoveshchensk and Vladivostok. It combines most of the distinctive qualities of these amazing Far Eastern cities. It depends on the exact place you are whether a relief is hilly or plain. It depends on watches of the day and closeness to the downtown whether the people are slowly walking and enjoying sightseeing or hurry for work, studying and other business. It still varies from day to day what weather to expect – rain and wind or serene sun and blue sky.

Even the Amur river goes between Zeya and Japan sea! So, no surprise Khabarovsk is considered as at least one capitals of the Russian Far East.

Being founded by courageous and enthusiastic explorers, Khabarovsk hasn’t lost its thrilling spirit throughout more than 150 years. Having overcome crucial challenges of Great Patriotic War and World War the second, gone through different historical periods, the city have taken all the best and now shows captivating mixture of styles by its architecture.

Wonderful churches, old houses, monumental buildings of universities and city’s administration. Central pounds, several lovely squares, two of them, Komsomolskaya and Glory, have a breathtaking view to the embankment and the Amur itself. At the same time the most popular, Lenin square, has several fountains opened annually on the 1st of May. So, probably each guest of the conference will be able to rejoice it. Also It’s worth to mention such bright places as Theatre of drama and comedy, Khabarovsk State Philharmonic, Khabarovsk Theatre of Music comedy.

There are a lot of museums in Khabarovsk: Grodekov’s Kraevedcheskiy Museum, where the visitor can learn culture and history of indigenous people of Khabarovsk region and, moreover, observe the effigy of mammoth life-size. Museum of art, besides it has a wonderful selection of pictures, historical costumes, artifacts etc., monthly renews special collection devoted to some important events or heritage by famous or not that known artists. Not far away from them there are Historical Museum of War and Khabarovsk Museum of Archeology.

It’s notable, that more than half of museums are located near the embankment.

By the way, city is located at the confluence of Ussuri and Amur rivers. One should know that Amur is one of the 10th longest rivers worldwide.

Khabarovsk, in turn, is the largest city at the Khabarovskiy region and its administrative, industrial and cultural center.

Also Khabarovsk can be defined as a center of students of the Russian Far East. Of course, it competes with Vladivostok, but still the amount of higher educational establishments accedes 11. But if to move to the point and describe the Pacific Nation University surroundings, we will probably see a very nice picture.

Near the campus there is a pond and beautiful church built not so long time ago. It forms lovely place for walking and talks. We promise to bring you there to spend nice time after hot debates!