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Welcoming from Ksenia Severinova, the Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information


What do we imagine when we hear “Model UN Conference”? Of course, many people, first of all, start thinking about hot discussions, bombastic public speeches, all-day-lasting and exhausting debates, Delegates and Secretariat Officers in official suits... Others imagine meeting friends, old and new, chatting and laughing. But how to find enough time for these all and keep updated with relevant news and not to miss every single detail about the Regional Conference? And the answer is quite simple: “Take a moment to read Regional Conference Newspaper every day”.

I am really glad and grateful to respectful the IV Regional Conference Secretary General for being at the position of the Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information and providing me a chance to try this new role and exercise unusual for me duties. I'm already full of inspiration and some ideas about the Conference media coverage. I especially believe that the Newspaper (which name is under secret now but you'll know it very soon) will be really worth your attention and precious time and will have a good look.

Also as quite experienced debater I want to wish to each delegate always to believe in yourself and have someone who believes in you that is not less important. After having believed in yourself, take a deep breath, go and debate using your advantages for 100%! Never give up, stay positive and enjoy the process, that is my advice.

Moreover, together with the Department of Public Information we will contribute to making you feel more relaxed, positive and to take everything easy!


Description of DPI


Basically, two big purposes can be distinguished in MUN Conference participation. The first one is debates, in which I include knowledge and experience getting and bloody fight for victory, and the second one is communication that is mainly about new friends, having fun or gaining a new pieces of information just about everything that can happen at a conference. Unfortunately, many times when you are a delegate you almost do not have an opportunity to receive hot news from first hand of our teammates or friends during “delegates' working hours” because, usually, we are over-busy with debating and proving the right to be the best. Fortunately, the Department of Public Information accomplishes this important purpose of being a communication tool between Delegates, Committees and Secretariat Officers.

Covering Conference special events and funny gossips, taking amazing photos, getting interviews, writing articles that will finally be united and formed into a newspaper is a function of DPI. As the Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, I hope that together with DPI Team we will invent something new and interesting for Conference participants in order not to get you bored but relaxed and calm; also we will give to everybody a chance to possess the major source of Power nowadays – the Information.