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Olga Katina, the Secretary-General


After completion of Autumn Master-Classes, Olga Katina understood that it is extremely hard to imagine her life without this Organization, and in October 2010 she joined Vladivostok MUNRFE Club. Just a year after, she successfully coordinated the Autumn Master-Classes 2011, and in Spring 2012 Olga for the whole term became a part of the Cabinet in Vladivostok Club, running her beloved Debate Committee. The first inter-club project Olga participated in was the IX International MUNRFE Conference (2010), where she represented Turkey in the International Organization for Migration. That time the young MUNFRE member did not cultivate the love to migration issues, therefore at her next conference, II Regional MUNRFE Session (2011), she chose to observe the work of the United Nations Security Council as a delegate of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This conference granted the future Secretary-General opportunity to represent MUNRFE at the Global MUN 2011 in Incheon, the Republic of Korea. The next challenge faced by Ms. Katina was the X International Conference (2012), which gave a chance to try herself as a judge of Russia in the International Court of Justice. This experience was quite challengeable, but brought a lot of knowledge and broadened her competence in the sphere of international law. This performance also played a great role in her further selection for the Asian International MUN 2012 (Beijing), where she became a part of the Best Delegation and was granted, together with Vitaliy Savenkov, the Best Documents award. The III Regional Conference provided Olga an opportunity for her first experience as a Secretariat Officer, that time she was the Vice-President of the General Assembly. The following XI International Conference was fateful for her: there she received a recognition as the Best Delegate of the Conference, brought her the Best Documents award and called the team of China she represented the Best. In recognition of such an achievement, she was granted membership in MUNRFE Team to National Model UN, New York, USA and this March she successfully participated there.

Besides MUNRFE, Ms.Katina is fond of her major studying of international relations, reading, photography, and also famous as local design apprentice.


Vitaliy Savenkov, Deputy Secretary-General


Vitaliy joined MUNRFE after participation in Summer Educational Program FireStarter 2007. Later on, he took an active part in organizing a great MUN event – the 6th International MUNRFE Conference (IC). During his quite interesting MUN career, he had participated as a delegate in numerous Conferences: 7th IC (2008), Moscow International MUN 2009, 4th IT Conference (2009), 8th IC (3rd Best Team), Asian International MUN 2012 in Beijing (Best Position Paper, Best Team). His Secretariat experience includes acting as: crisis-manager at Zabaikal International MUN Conference (2010), Vice-Chair of the Security Council at the 9th IC, Secretary-General at the 2nd Regional MUNRFE Conference (RC) (2011), Secretary-General and President of the Security Council at the 10th Anniversary IC, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs and World Health Organization Chairperson at the 3rd RC (2012). As an adviser, Vitaliy took the Best Adviser award at the 2nd RC and prepared the 3rd Best Team at the 10th Anniversary IC. Furthermore, he was elected as an adviser of MUNRFE Team to the Asia-Pacific International MUN in Bangkok (2012) and took the Outstanding Delegation award with them. In MUNRFE management Vitaliy has occupied different positions including Vice-President and President of Blagoveshchensk Club. Since summer, 2011, Vitaliy has served as Assistant Managing Director for MUNRFE and resigned in autumn, 2012. Finally, due to his extremely deep MUN experience, Vitaliy was invited to the Secretariat of the New York Global Young Leaders Summit – International MUN in NYC, USA (March, 2013). Currently, Vitaliy performs the duties of Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club President one more time. Besides his significant contribution to MUNRFE development, Vitaliy holds the office of adviser on legal affairs of one of the biggest non-governmental youth organization in the Amur Region. Currently, being an expert of the Civic Chamber of the Amur Region, Vitaliy actively conducts civic expertise of regulatory legal acts and laws of federal and regional levels. His hobby is football and he enjoys playing goalkeeper as well as watching football on TV or at the stadium. Vitaliy is a fan of CSKA Moscow and he adores Igor Akinfeev and José Mourinho.


Ksenia Severinova, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information


Ksenia became a Model United Nations of the Russian Far East member in autumn 2009 and since that time actively participated in great amount of internal and external projects both as participant and organizer. Being a newcomer she took part in VIII International Conference and APEC Youth Summit 2010. In September of the same year Ksenia was granted an opportunity to get the second education in Spain, where she spent 2 years. In Europe Ksenia had an opportunity to participate in Rome MUN 2012, Catalonia (Barcelona) MUN 2011 as a delegate and Catalonia MUN 2012 as a co-chair of the General Assembly. After having come back home Ksenia took part in APEC Youth Festival and in APEC CEO Summit 2012. According to results of the XI International MUNRFE Conference Ksenia was granted the credentials to represent MUNRFE at National Model UN 2013 in New-York. Currently, Ksenia serves as Assistant Managing Director for MUNRFE.

Since the major of Ksenia Severinova is philology she adores art, especially modern theater and architecture, studying foreign languages, intercultural communication, sociolinguistics and many other disciplines. Ksenia is fan of Socrates, Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, Antonio Gaudi, Ernesto Guevara, Mahatma Gandhi, Sarah Brightman and Leo Messi.


Sergey Lebedev, Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Strategic Planning


Sergey became a member of MUNRFE after graduating Khabarovsk Autumn Master Classes 2008. He participated in VII, VIII and IX International MUNRFE Conferences representing Costa Rica, China and USA in the Security Council, and was the delegate of Germany in the European Union in frames of IV IT Conference in Khabarovsk. The first success came to Sergey in 2009, when representing China he turned out to be the most knowledgeable delegate of the Security Council. In 2010 Sergey coordinated the spring Master-Classes Mini-Conference and 2010 Autumn Master Classes in Khabarovsk. Since October 2010 he had been occupying the position of the Vice-President of Khabarovsk MUN Club, in April 2011 he was elected as the President of Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club. In spring 2011 Sergey was honored to join the Secretariat of the II Regional MUNRFE Conference as a Chairperson of GA Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN). In summer 2011 he became an adviser in the summer camp FireStarter 2011. During FireStarter debating, the USA team, trained by Sergey, became the best team. In December 2011 he represented France in the Security Council and became one of six winners of X International MUNRFE Conference, having got credentials to represent MUNRFE at the National Model UN in New York in April 2012. Representing Portugal in GA Second Committee (ECOFIN) Sergey showed all his passion, knowledge and debating skills, helping the team of Portugal to become the Distinguished Delegation and rank Top-10 of delegation in NMUN. In 7-11 January 2013 he was honored to be the Secretary-General of the XI International MUNRFE Conference.

Denis Chaplinskiy, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Resources Management


Denis joined Model United Nations of the Russian Far East after Vladivostok Autumn Master-Classes 2009. Since that time he participated in the majority of activities of Vladivostok MUNRFE club as well as organized a number of them including: mini-ALSs, round tables on diverse international topics, “Self-Governance Day” in Volno-Nadezhdinsk, a summer course “Shared Mental Models of Leadership” with MUNRFE founder – American professor, PhD in History and Economics - Jeffrey Lindstrom teaching and others. In summer 2010 – autumn 2011 Denis held several positions in the cabinet and served as the President of Vladivostok MUNRFE club (September 2011 - February 2012).

Besides project management experience, Denis has a long path in his delegate career. He participated in 6 MUN conferences starting with APEC Youth Summit and IX International Conference in 2010. Participation in the II Regional Conference (Khabarovsk, 2011) resulted for Denis in his rewarding with an opportunity to participate in Global MUN Conference 2011, which he unfortunately had to decline. Next year Denis participated in the X International Conference (Khabarovsk, 2011). Later in spring he was credentialed to represent MUNRFE in the team for Asian International MUN (Beijing, 2012), which was honored to receive the “Best team” award. In May 2012 he served as a President of the General Assembly during the III Regional Conference in Blagoveshchensk. And in January 2013 Denis participated in the XI International Conference where he joined the winning team and was honored to represent MUNRFE at the National MUN in New-York.

Taking into consideration his economic major, interests in finance and experience in the organization, after finishing his presidential term in February 2012 Denis was invited to serve as a Chief Accountant of MUNRFE. Later in September 2012 he was appointed an Assistant Managing Director.

Being a student of economic faculty Denis is interested in international economics and finance. He is also fond of playing the piano, modeling (especially by means of systems thinking) and reading.


Andrey Kozinets, Chairperson of the UN ESCAP


Andrey has joined Model United Nations of the Russian Far East after the Fall Master Classes of 2008 and throughout his almost 4 years of being with MUNRFE he participated in and contributed to numerous projects of Vladivostok Club and the Organization as a whole: parliamentary debates, Vladivostok MUNRFE Club Master Classes (coordinating in Autumn, 2009), MUNRFE International Conferences, national Seliger workshops and APEC Youth Summit. As an MUN delegate, Andrey participated in several International MUNRFE Conferences - VII, VIII, IX and X, and has always shown quite good results, being a part the best teams of VIII and X Conferences, and being the rapporteur for SC at the IX International Conference. His performance at the X International Conference in the Security Council let him to become a part of a New York 2012 Team. Andrey was 2 times in the Secretariat of MUN Conferences (2nd Regional and 11th International) and 3 times in APEC related projects. Since summer 2011 Andrey serves as MUNRFE Managing Director. In his everyday life Andrey is fond of history (especially – the First World War), rock music (being once a part of a starting music band) and Formula 1 racing.


Liliya Yakubova, Vice-Chairperson of the UN ESCAP


Liliya started to participate in Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club activities since her successful graduation from the summer educational leadership programme “FireStarter” in August, 2008. The first MUNRFE Conference she participated in was held in Vladivostok, in 2008, where he represented Russia in the General Assembly and her team took the second place in the Conference evaluation. Liliya took part in numerous MUN projects: Firestarter 2008-2009, IV IT Conference in Khabarovsk (2009), VIII IC in Khabarovsk (2009), IX IC in Vladivostok (2010), X IC in Khabarovsk (2011), IV ALS in Blagoveshchensk (2012), National MUN in New York (2012), III RC in Blagoveshchensk (2012), Zabaikal International MUN (2012), XI International MUNRFE Conference (2013). After her victory in X IC Liliya became a member of the glorious New York Team of 2012. At NMUN 2012 Session in New York Liliya debated in the UN GA First Committee and contributed to the work of the whole MUNRFE Portugal team to be recognized as the Distinguished Delegation among 10 best teams, she gained stamina that persuade her to take responsibility over the conference management during the III Regional MUNRFE Conference and to take a seat of the GA President in XI IC. Due to her great MUN debates experience, she was invited to participate in the Rome MUN 2013, and now Liliya is pleased to lead her beloved committee – the General Assembly at IV RC!

Besides her active involvement into youth leadership development activity, Liliya is a hardworking student of Foreign Languages faculty in Pedagogical University studying Chinese and English. Her hobby is traveling, and she is proud of herself traveled to Cyprus and Shanghai. Liliya is also fond of Chinese and Italian cuisine, pandas, Broadway musicals, reading Shakespeare’s sonnets and learning Chinese language.


Anna Ivanova, President of the UN Securiy Counciland Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs


Anna has been a member of Model United Nations of the Russian Far East since the graduation from Spring Master-Classes 2011 in Vladivostok. As a newcomer she immediately got involved in the life of organization, participated in the II Regional Conference and other projects. Since winter 2012 Anna has been a part of Vladivostok MUNRFE Presidential team, taking the positions of President and Vice-president of the Club. In spring 2012 she became the winner of III Regional Conference, being a delegate of NATO-Russia Council, and was granted an opportunity to represent MUNRFE at the Asia-Pacific International Model United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand. In January 2013 Anna participated in the XI International Conference, representing India in the United Nations Security Council. Right after the IV Regional Conference she leaves for Barcelona to chair the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization at the Catalonia Model United Nations.

Currently Anna takes the position of Vladivostok MUNRFE club Vice-president and studies English and German linguistics in the Far Eastern Federal University. Her hobby is travelling and, having already visited ten states, she dreams of an opportunity to see the whole world.


Alexander Druzhinin, Vice-President of the UN Security Council


Alexander Druzhinin joined Model United Nations of the Russian Far East in November 2010, after successful completion of Fall Master Classes by Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club. His first experience in MUNRFE activities was representation of the Russian Federation in the XI International Conference (2010). Straight after the abovementioned event, Alexander was appointed as a Vice President of the Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club. May of 2011 brought him significant success of being the best delegate of the II Regional MUNRFE Session. In July-September’11 he was Acting President of BlagoMUNRFE. During APEC Voices of the Future-2011 national selection summit Alexander performed the duties of the Vice-Chairperson. His conference experience also includes 10th (Khabarovsk) and 11th International Conferences (Vladivostok), where Alexander was the winner. In September 2012 he was unanimously elected to serve as Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club President. While in Asian International Model United Nations 2013, he gained the invaluable experience and deserved the title of the Outstanding Delegate. Currently, Alexander is Head of Department for Cooperation with Asia Pacific, Europe and North America in MUNRFE Foreign Affairs division.

His academic interests include international relations, diplomacy, Oriental philosophy, political history of China, and Chinese-U.S. relations. Alexander is fond of swimming, pool and cycling.


Ksenia Shevtsova, Chairperson of the Legal Committee


Ksenia became a member of Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club after successful completion of Fall Master-Classes in 2010. Her first experience in the Organization was the participation in IX MUNRFE International Conference as a delegate of the United Kingdom in the United Nations Environment Programme. Then she found herself in the Second Committee of the General Assembly (II MUNRFE Regional Conference, Khabarovsk). Ksenia represented interests of France - team which was recognized the Best, moreover, she became a winner of the conference. Therefore, Ksenia was honored to represent MUNRFE at the Asia-Pacific International MUN Conference held in Bangkok. Debating in the Third Committee of the General Assembly brought her the Best Position Paper Award. Additionally, MUNRFE team was recognized as an Outstanding Delegation at this significant event. The next step was the X MUNRFE International Conference where she performed in the Second Committee of the General Assembly as a delegate of China. According to the results of the conference Ksenia took the second place in her committee and besides was a member of the Third Best Team. Entering the university in Vladivostok, Ksenia joined the Vladivostok MUNRFE Club and occupied the position of Debate Committee Chairperson. After that, during XI MUNFRE International Conference she tried herself in the role of a judge from the United Kingdom in the International Court of Justice. Demonstrating her devotion to the international law Ksenia took the second place in the committee.

Furthermore, Ksenia considers her membership in the activist’s corps of the Youth Parliament of Amur region as an important contribution to her personal development. Comprehensive social work, volunteering, active participation in socio-political and patriotic regional events gave her valuable practice and experience. Ksenia is a creative personality, she is found of hand-made things and, besides, she attends dance classes.


Margarita Mchedlishvili, Vice-Chairperson of the Legal Committee


Margarita joined Blagoveshchensk MUN in 2010, after the graduation from the Fall Master-Classes. Since her first international conference in 2010, when she represented Japan in the International Court of Justice she became fond of the international law, year by year improving her deep knowledge in this field. Facing the challenges on the way to improve her skills, Margarita was inch by inch making progress by participating in activities of Blagoveshchensk MUN and as soon as she entered the Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University in 2011 became one of the best delegates of the III Regional Conference, showing the greatest level of accountability and proficiency representing the delegation of the United States of America in the United Nations General Assembly. This important victory granted Margarita an opportunity to represent the whole MUNRFE on the Asian-Pacific International Model United Nations Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Taking the position of the Best Delegate of Germany in the CCPCJ Committee gave her one more possibility for professional growth in frames of MUN. An active MUNRFE period lasts already 2,5 years, occupying the position of the FireStarter Regional Coordinator in 2012, when Blagoveshchensk Club had extremely high amount of prospective participants of that great event interviewed. Cabinet membership as a Development Committee Chairperson also brought prosperity into the development of Blagoveshchensk Club. In February, 2013, Margarita was appointed as the Vice-President of Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club.

Being fond of foreign languages (English, Chinese), psychology and international diplomacy Margarita is considered to be a very communicative respectable person. Taking an active position in frames of her university and MUNRFE gave her a great experience of communication and people management.