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MUNRFE | Khabarovsk Club

Model United Nations of the Russian Far East was founded in October 2000 at Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law by Jeffrey Lindstrom. He gathered a few bright talented students and animated their aspirations for self-development. They met in a little room to debate on international issues in English. Since the very beginning, students received great support from the rector of KSAEL - Vladimir Alekseevich Likhobabin, who sincerely believed in their initiative, expressed his support and help, which were so important.

Elena Marchenko, Ekaterina Timohina, Andrew Pak, Valeriy Adamenko, Natalya Voitehovich, Maria Baranova, Yulia Poroshenko are the people who started the fire of the MUNRFE, the fire of torch and did their best to let it shine brighter before giving it to other generations.

The first achievement of that time debate-club was a trip to a session of the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East in San-Francisco, USA, in April 2001 where they were to compete with participants from other countries at the international level.  The first Russian Far Eastern MUN team, with Jeffrey Lindstrom being the coach, got the 5th place among more than 60 teams. It was certainly a tremendous success. After coming back, they decided to make the participation in such conferences constant and even organize their own one.

In February 2002, the First Regional MUNRFE Conference took place. According to the results of the Conference a team of 12 best delegates of the Russian Far East were chosen from approximately 60 delegates to represent the Organization at the 52 Session of MUN of the Far West, the distinguished delegate from Khabarovsk was Lena Tytsyk, the youngest ever member of SF team.

In December 2003, the Second International MUNRFE Conference was held. In April 2004, one more KHV MUNRFE member, Alexander Novak, won the opportunity to become a part of San Francisco team.

That was the “period of their Triumph”, but unfortunately downs follow ups, black stripes follow white ones. After several successful projects and programmes a crucial period happened. Feeling of team spirit and feeling of “big family”, which always were one of the main features of organization, disappeared. Members of Khabarovsk club clashed with lack of the common goal, with contradictions of their interests. In spite of all the challenges and difficulties the club faced, it proved its desire for development and striving ahead. Great contributions to the improvement were made by newcomers who brought their new fresh ideas thus motivating others to move ahead to reach new goals.

Since February 2005 the club in Khabarovsk has been intensively prospering and developing. After MUN schools which were held in spring and autumn 2005 many initiative and creative people came to the club and contributed very much to its development. These people are a moving power not only in Khabarovsk club but also in the whole organization. Wonderful base for realization of leadership potential is the support of such universities as Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law, Far-Eastern State Humanitarian University, Pacific National Universities and Far-Eastern State University of Railways, help of officials and the most important one is their great desire for self-development!

In 2005, at the IV International MUNRFE Conference in Vladivostok, Zakhar Ivanisov gained a chance to be a delegate of San Francisco team. Also at the after-conference period it was decided to change structure of the club in order to make its work much more efficient:
PR committee. Since its foundation the committee has worked actively with mass-media such as TV, radio and newspapers.
Debates committee, which deals with infrastructural issues that are essential part for organizing debates on a high level. It appoints chairperson, makes an agenda and conducts evaluation.

In November – December 2005 club members took part in conducting the linguistic camp “The World without Borders” on the basis of Khabarovsk Region Children’s Centre “Sozvezdie”. The teachers were Varvara Soldatkina, Zakhar Ivanisov, Alexandra Shumkina.

In December 2006, the V International MUNRFE Conference was held in Khabarovsk. As a result Kate Lobynko was chosen as the best from KHV MUNRFE club to participate in San-Francisco conference. There, she and her delegation were presented with the Certificate of Recognition from the House of Representatives, Washington DC in honor of the accomplishments as a leader and Model United Nation delegate and her promotion of civil development.

Besides, in spring of 2007 “My initiative in education” competition took place. Participants were asked to make presentation of projects, which were organized by young people. KHV MUNRFE members presented such projects as “FireStarter”, “V International MUNRFE Conference” and “English day in Khabarovsk schools”. After that, Varvara Soldatkina, as one of the winners of the competition, came to St. Petersburg contest of students’ initiatives, with ”FireStarter” project.

In March 2007, the club also prolonged our fruitful co-operation with “Sozvezdie” in frames of new course of MUN lectures and master-classes. The teachers who inspite of all weather and technical challenges went outside the town to children every day were Lena Golovacheva, Valya Tushkova, Olga Rudakova, Alexandra Shumkina.

In august of 2007, “FireStarter” Summer Educational Program took place in Khabarovsk, with over 40 young bright students from all over Far East, advisors from Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Blagoveschensk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Chita, 14 days of endless fun and new discoveries…
The coordinator of the whole project was Varvara Soldatkina who managed to create the best ever advisors team, among them some of KHV most active people: Olga Kostina, Olga Rudakova, Kate Lobynko.

November 2007 was memorable due to Khabarovsk MUNRFE club participation in International Symposium held by KSAEL. It was Model United Nations debates organized by KSAEL debate club. Many of the MUNRFE participants were awarded different prizes in their committees: Sveta Goliusova (Firestarter 2007), Aida Dzhafarova, Varvara Soldatkina, Kate Chernenko, Shmachuk Valerij. The winners are Zakhar Ivanisov, Kate Lobynko, Natasha Konstantinovskaya, Sergey Gubchenko. And the most remarkable was than Olya Rudakova deserved the first prize for her “outstanding perfomance of debate skills, leadership and teambuilding abilities, diplomacy and active participation in MUN debates”. Good job, especially taking into account the VI MUNRFE Conference coming!

In December 2007 the VI MUNRFE International Conference was conducted in the city of Blagovechensk, in the result of which Varvara Soldatkina and Olga Kostina were chosen as the best delegates among top 7 ones to participate in San-Francisco Conference, being the representatives of Cameroon. Zakhar Ivanisov was chosen as the team’s adviser.

In May 2008 the 3rd IT Conference was held in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. As the result two delegates from Khabarovsk Club were chosen as the best ones, namely Kate Chernenko and Sergey Gubchencko. As a reward they were a given a chance to participate in the Conference in Xian, China. Olga Rudakova was chosen as the team’s adviser.

FireStarter 2008 took place in Blagovechensk. Olga Kostina was chosen as Regional Coordinator in Khabarovsk. Advisors, chosen from Khabarovsk, were Olga Kostina and Egor Perko. They were able to gather 19 children in Khabarovsk and to bring them to the Camp. It was a great achievement due to the great work that they had come through.

Spring and Autumn MUNRFE Master-Classes 2008 were implemented during that year. The coordinators were Kate Chernenko and Egor Perko correspondingly.

In December 2008 the VII MUNRFE International Conference was conducted in Vladivostok. Khabarovsk Club represented 6 countries: Canada, Costa-Rica, France, Indonesia, Iran, Italy. 7 members of MUNKHV were the Secretariat members: Kate Lobynko, Varvara Soldatkina, Olga Kostina, Olga Rudakova, Valentina Tushkova, Elena Tytsik, Zakhar Ivanisov. In result Kate Chernenko was chosen as one of the best delegates and was given an opportunity to participate at 59th San Francisco Session. Also, Ulyana Kan was rewarded for the best written documents. And Varvara Soldatkina was chosen as San Francisco team’s adviser. Elena Titsyk (the alumni of MUNKHV) was chosen as the chairperson of NATO committee in San Francisco.

In March 2009 the Task Force was implemented in different cities of the Russian Far East. Four members of MUNKHV were chosen to participate in it, namely Ulyana Kan and Olga Kostina (TF in Vladivostok), Olga Rudakova and Kseniya Kuturova (TF in Komsomolsk-on-Amur). They were conducting lectures and trainings in those cities, trying to enhance clubs there.

March 16th – April 17th 2009 – Spring Master-Classes are being conducted and soon they will draw to an end.

It seems that the history of MUNRFE is to be continued for long time… Looking forward new ideas, projects, events, people, achievements, aspirations!

These are the people who made it ALL real – our presidents!

•    Lida Novakova       [2003-2004]
•    Zakhar Ivanisov      [2005-2006]
•    Varvara Soldatkina  [2006-2007]
•    Olga Rudakova       [2007-2008]
•    Kate Chernenko     [2008]
•    Mikhail I                 [2008-2009]    
•    Ulyana Kan             [2009 - currently]