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MUNRFE | Master Classes
Spring Master-Classes of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club "Opening Door for Global Change Makers"

In this uncertain world there are always two constants, change and conflict, and in order to cope with those changes and conflicts, leaders and teams need resources for daily living and working. We invite you to join us to re-examine your inborn gifts and strengths, and to learn new skills and develop a broad worldview in this crossroad of global history.

Leadership, English, Debate, Public Speaking, Management skills are all essential tools for the youth to become the successful leaders of tomorrow. With lectures given by experienced and talented lecturers, eye-opening workshops and debates, we ensure you the 4 weeks of Master Classes be eternally shining and most memorable time of your life!


Autumn Master-Classes of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club "Mission to Succeed"!








Have you ever seen the movie called "American Beauty"? This movie, being awarded as the best film of the year 1999, includes a lot of interesting ideas. And one of them was expressed in one of the main characters' words: " is my philosophy that in order to be successful, one must project an image of success, at all times".

But will it be your choice just to represent such an image and not to try to succeed in reality? We really doubt it. And our Autumn Master-Classes 2010 are the best choice for those who is really ready to move forward and to succeed in their everyday life!


Vladivostok SMC "Following the Dreams..."

Official Web Page:
Dates: March, 18 - May, 4

Place: Vladivostok. VSUES 

Director: Roman Naumenko
Coordinators: Maria Khoreva, Polina Popkova

All of us have dreams.. Dreams are an essential part of our life. But can you answer one question. Are You READY to Get Your Dreams Real?

One wise person said: “One way or another.. but one day... maybe only once... life gives you a Chance. You can dream of it and wait for. But when it comes.. Be Prepared!”

Now ask yourself a question: Am I Prepared?


The project successfuly started in Vladivostok with 140 people at it's presentation, with 70 students attending Master Classes!

We give our students knowledge about:
1. Leadership
2. Time-Management
3. Goal-Setting
4. Public Speaking
5. Project Management
6. Negotiations
7. Debates
8. System Thinking
9. Global Issues
10. Documents writing

Along with educational program we create a unique platform for training gained skilles on practice through:
1. Well-thought-out system of training
2. MUN Mini-Conference
3. Project Management Grant
4. Unique English ambience
5. Unique system of mentoring and advisorship

We provide our students with a clear vision of their abilities and available opportunities. We do provide them with opportunities. We do change the world!

The uniqueness of this project is Following the “First-Born” MUN Dream – never ending improvement, never ending development, never ended strive for excellence. Both for members of our organization and for our students.

We proved the words of one famous politician of modern world: “This nation may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected.”

This is the prior goal of Spring Master Classes "Following The Dreams"! We give You a powerfull instruments to make your dreams real!



Vladivostok Gymnasium №1 Programme

Programme for Gymnasium №1 of Vladivostok city

Dates: February 27 - April 29, 2009 

Coordinator: Korchagina Sof'ya

Place: Vladivostok. Gymnasium №1 

This program is a  course of lections on English about leadership, time-management, goal-setting, public speaking, negotiations and American slang for students of 8-9th grade of Gymnasium 1 of Vladivostok city. This project was conducted from 27/02/2009 to 29/04/2009. During this program more than 30 students of this school took part in lections. This project is invaluable opportunity for school students to practice their English, to meet new people, to know new concepts and obtain knowledge which standard school program can not provide them with. Also school students had an opportunity to meet native Americans. It was a good basis for cultural exchange. After 2 months of lectures the level of students' self-confidence and English rose evidently. That's why this kind of program is very preferable to be conducted next term in this and other schools.