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GA 2nd

Sergey Lebedev,

UN GA Second Committee Chairperson


Sergey became a member of MUNRFE after graduating 2008 Autumn Master Classes. He participated in VII MUNRFE International Conference and IV IT Conference, representing Costa Rica and Germany. In 2009, representing China, he turned out to be the most knowledgeable delegate of the Security Council according to PAKED evaluation. In 2010 Sergey coordinated the spring Master-Classes mini-conference and 2010 Autumn Master Classes. He was a member of the USA team in IX International Conference. Since October 2010 he is occupying the position of Vice-President of Khabarovsk MUN club. This year Sergey is honored to work as the Second Committee Chairperson. He believes that his knowledge and MUN experience will help him in working at the Secretariat.




Marina Katynskaya,

UN GA Second Committee Vice-Chairperson

Marina joined Blagoveshchensk MUN in 2003. Occasional acquaintance with the MUN phenomenon evolved to her till-the-present-time devotion to the matter of leaders’ development. An active MUNRFE period lasted only 1,5 years and included Cabinet membership as a Development Committee Chairperson and 2 International conferences participation (the II IC in Vladivostok and the III IC in Irkutsk). As soon as Marina graduated from the university, she had to shift to the Alumni status in spite of a strong reluctance to part with MUN. Therefore, Marina willingly agreed to assist when that was required. It resulted in 2 more International Conferences where she was granted an opportunity to debate in her favorite committee simulated in frames of MUNRFE – the International Court of Justice (the V IC in Khabarovsk in 2006 and the VI IC in Blagoveshchensk in 2007). To add, Marina gained some chairing experience in the IAEA first-time simulation at the I IT Conference in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (2008), vice-chairing in the SC at the VI International one in the native place of Blagoveshchensk and performing as ICJ Registrar, VIII MUNRFE International Conference, Khabarovsk.

According to Marina, she enjoys advisering a lot since obviously you develop greatly while developing others. As for her most memorable adversership, that was assisting the USA team of Blago at the VIII International Conference in 2009. At present she remains an indispensible adviser of the Blago MUN Club.

Talking of the Project life, she’s applied management skills obtained in MUN mostly when teaching English in various educational institutions and accomplishing organizational tasks of different sort there. Now being a post-graduate student Marina is pursuing a degree in philology.

Marina believes the II Regional MUNRFE Conference is going to be a new fascinating experience for her due to a dramatic shift from her previous affection for security and legal issues to the economics field within the GA 2nd Committee. Hopefully, you’ll get delighted with the on-coming hot debates as well!