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IAEA Board of Governors

Andrey Kozinets,

IAEA Board of Governors Chairperson

Andrey has been to Model United Nations of the Russian Far East since Fall of 2008 and throughout his 2,5 years of being with MUNRFE he has participated in and contributed to numerous projects of Vladivostok Club and MUNRFE as a whole: Parliamentary Debates, Vladivostok MUNRFE Club Master Classes (coordinating those in Spring, 2009), MUNRFE International Conferences. As an MUN delegate, Andrey has participated in several MUNRFE International Conferences (VII, VIII, IX), and always showed great results, being a member of the best team of the VIII Conference and a Rapporteur for SC at the IX Conference.

In 2010 Andrey was elected to perform the duties of the President of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club. This responsibility helped him to make a big step in his personal development and effectiveness, since during his 14-months Presidency Vladivostok Club made a great difference in its work, with new projects (APEC 2010 Youth Summit as an example) being a testimony of this. Later on, he was elected as an advisor of the MUNRFE Voices of the Future Team - the only representatives of Russia. Andrey also represented MUNRFE at Seliger-2010 Youth Forum and APEC Voices of the Future Youth Summit in Youkohama in 2010, being a pioneer from MUNRFE at the international projects of such kind. His unalloyed support of MUNRFE, believing in its values and significant contribution to its promotion led him to the position of an Assistant Managing Director in the end of 2011. This March Andrew continued his participation in MUN Conferences participating in the AIMUN Session in Beijing.


Elena Ivanova,

IAEA Board of Governors Vice-Chairperson

Elena became the member of MUNRFE after her graduation from Autumn Master Classes in 2009. She immediately started to participate in MUN Conferences, beginning from the VIII International MUNRFE Conference in Khabarovsk in winter 2009 as the delegate of Austria, showing her courage to participate in the Security Council, the toughest committee at the Conference. At Spring Master Classes 2010 she was a team advisor and lecturer, and showed her great dedication to MUNRFE and high level of responsibility. This year she also participated in the coordination of APEC Youth Summit in Vladivostok and became a great helper for the coordinator of this event.

At the end of the Year 2010 she was the participant of the IX International MUNRFE Conference in Vladivostok as the delegate of France and demonstrated her high level of debates at the Security Council. She was the only girl in the committee, but she did not lose her confidence and was a very active part of the committee. At Spring Master Classes she again tried herself as an advisor, lecturer and chairperson. Therefore she is looking forward to use all her experience and vision at the II Regional Conference in Khabarovsk.