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MUNRFE | Self-Governance Days
Self-Governance days
The history of the Youth Self-Governance Day as a project within MUNRFE stretches back to October 2006, when the first SG Day was conducted in the town of Artem (Primorsky krai) by Maria Kabalyk, the Managing director at that time. The idea of the SG Day is to provide young leaders among high-school and university students in different locations with an opportunity to run their city or town for one day. The Day itself is preceded by a selection of students on the basis of essay competition, series of intensive trainings in public speaking, leadership, goal-setting and project management, a one-day internship in the city/town administration, and preparation of development projects by the participants. Projects presented by young citizens ranged from raising the level of patriotism among youth in the cities, to building school for gifted children and developing economics of the city. While defending their ideas in front of the Mayor they applied all the leadership skills, negotiation techniques and public speaking skills that MUNRFE trainers were teaching them for three days. They took courage to be pioneers, since never in the history of the city such project was implemented. MUNRFE took courage to help them. One girl who is 13 years old became the Head of Public Affairs Committee. The head of budgeting committee (2-year student) analyzed the budgets of all previous years and made an outlay for the project considering all that. The mayor himself (Fedor Vaseev, 3-year student) personally went to the exhibition of children paintings to give out prizes, besides that he was working with his team during the whole day.

After the first successful experience in Artem, representatives of administration from other cities started to refer to MUNRFE with the aim of cooperation on conducting the SG Day. The second one was organized in Nadezhdinsk and coordinated by Eduard Romanenko. During three days the team of four trainers (Varvara Soldatkina, Svetlana Khvan, Daria Sukhovey and Yulia Gorlova) worked closely with 20 high-school students. The crucial component of educational program was the preparation of projects aimed at the development of Nadezhdinsk by participants. The trainings were concluded by the round-table discussion of these projects between the representatives from the town administration and students. According to the results of the discussion, the team of best students was selected to govern Nadezhdinsk for one day.

The whole project is conducted together by the working group of MUNRFE and the administration of a city/town.
The SG Days proved the importance of a dialogue between young leaders in the region and representatives of administration and revealed a considerable potential of such projects for the development of the future generation in the Russian Far East.