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UN4MUN procedure

Today the popularity of Model UN conferences all over the world constantly increases. It is estimated that approximately 400,000 students worldwide participate annually at all educational levels from primary school to university. In order to boost the effectiveness of Model UN simulations the United Nations Department of Global Communications (previously known as the Department of Public Information) elaborated the UN4MUN Concept, which aims to facilitate the accuracy of the simulation of the United Nations principles and practices throughout Model UN Conferences.

Far Eastern Model UN is the first Model UN Conference in Russia implemented in frames of the UN4MUN Concept. The following approach provides participants with an opportunity to plunge into the most accurate simulation of the United Nations work, significantly broadening delegates’ knowledge in the structure of the UN. Moreover the concept allows the delegates to receive an experience in using procedure and modeling decision-making processes used in the real United Nations.


What makes UN4MUN different from the “traditional” Model UN approach?


- UN4MUN introduces leadership structure and responsibilities that accurately mirror the relationship between the Security Council, the General Assembly and UN Secretariat. Consequently, the delegates play a more substantive role in the conference than they do in typical Model UN simulations which adds to the appeal of their participation;


- UN4MUN uses the Rules of Procedure that are closer to those used at the UN. In fact, there are no motions (such as points of inquiry and etc.), since there are none in the real UN;


- UN4MUN promotes consensus-building instead of parliamentarism in the decision-making process, which underlines the necessity for the delegates to come up with a common resolution of the issue, which suites all the Member States;


- UN4MUN grants Member States with more power in decision-making rather than the Secretariat officers. The responsibility of the Secretariat stands for organizing the work of the Committee, and is clearly separated from the substantive decision-making, which is solely left to the Membership.



Delegates’ Preparation

In order to successfully perform at the Conference the delegates shall properly research covering the following key areas:

1. United Nations Charter

2. United Nations system

3. Government positions on the topics

4. Positions of the main political groups, such as the Group of 77 and China, Non-Aligned Movement, European Union, African Union, etc.

5. Current statistical data on assigned countries and topics


Research Tips

When preparing for a conference, it is useful for delegates to divide the research into four categories:

1. General research on the assigned topic. A delegate should be well-versed on the topic they will be debating.

2. General research on the background and culture of the country they have been assigned.

3. Research on the policies of “their” country on the topics they will be debating.

4. Research on the policies of other countries that will be represented at the conference so that they can anticipate the arguments that might be put forward by other delegates.