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A guest writes about Vladivostok


Vladivostok is a city that has a rather long history of 152 years of changes and different historical events. It is the city which was found in time of the Russian Empire as a military post. It is the city which outlived USSR. It it the city whose name, I’m sure, is nowadays known everywhere on the Earth. After this a little pathetic beginning we can understand that Vladivostok is a very interesting and important city, being not only an economic center of communication with the Asian countries, but also an important historical heritage of our country.

There you can still find some old buildings which represent the culture of previous generations. There are a lot of museums in Vladivostok; the Historical and Technical Museum of Oldtimers is one of these museums where you can find a unique collection of soviet and foreign automobiles and motorcycles of the XX century. It includes more than 50 antique auto cars and motorcycles from various countries and trademarks. There is no more such kind of museums in Russia.

Vladivostok has his own botanical garden where everyone can see the beauty of our nature. But the main pride of Vladivostok nature is the sea with its beautiful coasts, mighty cliffs, numerous inhabited and uninhabited islands. It is hard to express your feelings, since it is much easier to see everything by your own.

Vladivostok is a city fanned by the spirit of romance and travel. There are unforgettable boat trips, picturesque coasts, islands and a lot of traditions and legends about them.

The city was formed as a naval base of Russia on the Pacific coast and still keeps the secrets of the past. The Vladivostok fortress is the most powerful fortress in the world, it is recognized as a historical monument of military-defensive architecture.

Vladivostok is on the 20th place on the number of population in Russia. In 1962 the only funicular in Russia was opened in Vladivostok.

In general Vladivostok is the city that everyone should visit, especially now, after the APEC summit, because for preparation to this event a lot of investments and human forces were spent. Now we have 3 different bridges, which really help us to save time for the movement to different parts of our city. We have the great Far Eastern Federal University which serves as a connecting thread with other universities from other countries. What will be in future we will see in future, and now we just have to hope that it is the beginning of good and endless story.

The first thing that I have mentioned in Vladivostok when I arrived there was its uneven surface. It was rather hard to get accustomed to this “problem”, but, living here for some time, you just have to do it, and the process of walking will be much easier, and you will understand that it is also useful for your health. There are a lot of picturesque places, and there is a chance for creative personalities to find their muse. I think that every Vladivostok citizen has his or her favorite place where this person can relax, enjoy the view, think about different things, and I am not the exception. For me Vladivostok is like the second home, here I found new friends, new emotions and new things to do. Every time when I leave this place something pulls me back. The city became a part of my life and now it is almost impossible to forget about it, wherever you are.

As one citizen said: ”Vladivostok is, probably, one of the best cities of the world!”