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Far Eastern Federal University

Far Eastern Federal University


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Amur State University


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ASEAN Centre in MGIMO University

ASEAN Centre in MGIMO University

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Vladivostok club starts its history from June 2001, when the first MUN School was conducted in Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES). For 8 years our club has organized numerous projects and conferences, participated in a lot of international events, and developed in one of the strongest and warmest clubs of the MUNRFE!


We have organized 4 International MUNRFE Conferences: in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008. One of the most enjoyable projects – “Firestarter” – was conducted in our city 3 times. And this year it is being organized by our club! “Firestarter-2009” will be held from 14 till 27 of August on Popova island!


A lot of our members were the winners of Iinternational Conferences and went to MUNFW Sessions in san-Francisco! There are: Olga Rudenko, Ekaterina Kramarenko and Dmitriy Tischenko (2002), Olesya Zaitseva, Alexey Kumshatsky, Evgenia Savelyeva (2003), Dmitriy Gusev, Anastasiya Vikhlyaeva, Maria Kabalyk, Evgenia Katsura (2004), Yuriy Govorushko, Svetlana Kirnos, Daria Povedaiko, Natalia Martynova, Christina Khudyakova, Olesya Nekhoroshikh, Kirill Krasovsky (2005), Olga Bukach, Oleg Shamonov, Alexey Leskov (2006), Sven Ditsche, Evgeniy Bugrov, Maria Maslyanko, Nickolas Burcher , Tatyana Tambasova (2007), Eduard Romanenko, Evgeniy Belyakov (2008), Svetlana Khvan, Daria Bulatova, Anastasia Skripnik, Ann Samoilenko, Igor Novikov and Vladislav Sklyanov (2009).



We also took part in other conferences and events all over the world:

August 2004 MUNRFE was presented at Asia-Pasific Regional MUN Conference on MDGs as part of Russian delegation in Beijing (Natalia Martynova)
January 2006 Olga Bukach and Tatyana Tambasova went to National YEP Session in Moscow. Then, in March, Tatyana.Tambasova went to International YEP Session in Paris.
2006 Oxana Shelep participated in Moscow MUN Conference.
June 2006 Eduard Romanenko, Polina Boyarchenko, Igor Novikov, Evgeniy Bugrov, S.Molchan went to International YEP Session in Munich, Germany.
April 2007 EU-Russia Summit of NGOs in Saint Petersburg was visited by NataliaMartynova.
October 2007 MUN Conference in St.Petersurg (FENU team), where Olga Bukach, Tatyana Tambasova, Eduard Romanenko, Lena Lyakhova, Irina Fedorenko were the participants. Adviser was Natalia Martynova.
March 2008 Igor Novikov and Irina Fedorenko participated in Youth-G8 in Japan.
Summer 2008 Irina Fedorenko took part in Youth Forum in Canada.
November 2008 Ann Samoilenko with other members of team Croatia proudly represented MUNRFE on Xian MUN Conference.
February Anastasia Skripnik, Elena Lyakhova and Daria Sukhovey took part in the work of Youth G20 Summit in Paris.
March 2009 Irina Fedorenko and Igor Novikov represented Russian Far East in Youth-G8 in Milan.





Except participation in conferences Vladivostok club manages to conduct a lot of various internal projects. Besides usual Master Classes for students, which we conduct on a high level, there were such interesting and great projects as Master Classes and Debates for high-school students, Self-governance days in cities of Primorskiy Krai, Parliamentary debates tournaments, Advanced Leadership Schools.



  • Advanced Leadership School (July 2009)
  • Photo-exhibition
  • Open MUN debates for students
  • Joint project of Vlad MUNRFE and Club of Parliamentary Debates “Indigo” “Debates in MUN format”.
  • Mini-Lectures Internal Contest (June)
  • Autumn Master classes (September - October)
  • Schools MUN club (2009-2010)
  • VIII International Conference in Khabarovsk
  • Movie club

    Our previous brilliant Presidents:
    Ekaterina Kramarenko                                          2001 - 2002
    Alexey Kumshatsky           VSUES        February 2003 - March    2004
    Asya Vikhlyaeva                FEFU          August 2003    - January  2004
    Dmitry Gusev                   VSUES        April 2004       - October 2004
    Maria Kabalyk                    FEFU          January 2004   - August 2004
    Olesya Nekhroroshikh        VSUES        October 2004 - January 2005
    Svetlana Kirnos                 FEFU          August 2004   - January 2005
    Oleg Shamonov                VSUES       January 2005  - September 2005
    Darya Povedaiko               FEFU          January 2005   - September 2005
    Olga Bukach                    FEFU           September 2005 - March 2006
    Tatyana Tambasova          FEFU          March 2006     - October 2006
    Eduard Romanenko          FEFU           October 2006  - October 2007
    Svetlana Khvan                FEFU           October 2007  - March 2008
    Anastasia Skripnik             FEFU           April 2008        - October 2008
    Ann Samoilenko               FEFU           November 2008 - May 2009
    Sof'ya Korchagina             FEFU           June 2009 - December 2010
    Andrey Kozinets               FEFU           December 2010 - February 2011
    Alexandra Tatomir            FEFU           February 2011 - September 2011
    Denis Chaplinskiy              FEFU           September 2011 - February 2012

    Our current presidential team:

    Alexey Sidorenko ( - president

    Anna Ivanova ( – vice-president