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Vladivostok MC (FEFU)

MUNRFE Vladivostok Club organizes Vladivostok MUNRFE Master-Classes (MC) annually to realize the potential of youth and boost their self-development. Vdk MC 2019 will be conducted on the premises of Far Eastern Federal University Campus with its modern facilities and beautiful landscapes.

It is worth admitting that the AMC 2019 are going to transform the personalities of their participants: 99% of the graduates affirm that they have become more confident, smart, intelligent, and sociable people after the project. The attendees will acquire broad knowledge and skills while listening to the lectures and accomplishing various tasks right away.

Vladivostok MC 2019 will help to get used to university life as well as to make lots of friends from different majors and countries. What is more beneficial, AMC represent an immersion in an English-speaking environment which allows working in multicultural teams on various tasks and getting to know more about each other.

Besides FEFU students, Vdk MC highly welcome the students of other universities and high schoolers from Vladivostok to participate and enjoy all the features the project offers.

The MC 2019 also aim at introducing the attendees to an exciting world of Model UN. It is a great opportunity for participants to take part in a large-scale international event - MUNRFE Annual Conference 2019


Vladivostok MUNRFE Master-Classes 2019 “Through difficulties to the stars”.

Time: September 27 – November 3;

Venue: Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia;

Big Presentation: to be announced;

Advisers: Alexandra Chernysheva, Alina Medved, Alyona Plekhanova, Darya Zlydar, Galina Salnikova, Kamila Kukushkina, Christina Tolmacheva, Nikita Volkov, Veronika Tkachenko, Vsevolod Cheresov;

Coordinator: +7 (914) 421-91-27 (Oleg Powzyk)

Vice-Coordinator: +7 (987) 856-32-25 (Polina Dolgopolova)


Instagram: @munrfe



To apply for participation in the project, students are requested to fill in an application form in the Google format. The link will be placed in the VK group of the project


If some questions remain, do not hesitate to contact us.