Ms. Kamila Kukushkina

Director for Public Relations

Appointed as Director for Public Relations on 8 December 2021

Ms. Kamila KUKUSHKINA joined MUNRFE in 2018 as a member of the Vladivostok Club. Before being appointed for her current position, she performed the duties of the MUNRFE Associate for Public Relations (February – December 2021) and MUNRFE Junior Associate for Public Relations (March – December 2021) within the Executive Office. She has also performed as the Head of the Department of Global Communications at the 20th Anniversary MUNRFE Annual Conference 2021.

Ms. Kukushkina was a delegate to 4 MUN Conferences. Throughout her MUN career, she has also been involved in the organization of various international events and projects: VI Eastern Economic Forum 2021, 5th Annual International East Russia Oil and Gas Forum, and projects of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Currently, Ms. Kamila Kukushkina is a 4th-year B.A. student of International Relations at the Institute of Oriental Studies — School of Regional and International Studies, Far Eastern Federal University. She took internships at the Russky Technopark in the SMM sector in frames of the Far Eastern Start program and at the ASEAN Centre in MGIMO University.