Результат: 7 совпадений по 'Management'

MUNRFE Executive Director Mr. Aleksei Stanonis was awarded as the Person of the Year in social activities by President of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) Dr. Nikita Yu. Anisimov at the Awarding Ceremony of the AJAX 2020 student award.

Welcome a new Blagoveshchensk Club President

As the new semester began, the Presidential Elections of the MUNRFE Blagoveshchensk Club has been conducted on September 12. Having established herself as a responsible, trustful, and ambitious person, Ms. Anna Ivankina was re-elected for the second term by the unanimous vote of the Club members.

The very end of the spring was marked by some structural changes within the Presidential team of the MUNRFE Vladivostok Club. Thus, the Vladivostok Club Presidential team is now comprised of Nikita Volkov (Acting President) and Polina Babenko (Vice-President). These young people are to oversee the Club till autumn 2020.