Elections in Blagoveshchensk Club

The Presidential elections were held on the 24th of February in Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club. According to the results, two beautiful and brave ladies will continue their Presidential path as a President and as a Vice-President respectively - Ms. Elena Kharitonova and Ms. Yulia Nedelkina.

MUNRFE would like to express its deep gratitude to Ms. Kharitonova and Ms. Nedelkina for their productive work towards the development of the Club during previous Presidential term. Indeed, the upcoming term brings a lot to the Club's agenda, including FireStarter 2014 - the most difficult-to-implement project in MUNRFE, which was conducted in Blagoveshchensk only once in the year 2008. Also, MUNRFE expects a bright performance from Blagoveshchensk Club during the upcoming Regional Conference in the city of Khabarovsk.

We are sure that the elected Presidential Team has all necessary skills and experience to lead Blagoveshchensk Club to success. MUNRFE would like to wish you good luck and new mountains conquered.

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