MUNRFE Vladivostok Club has elected its new leadership for the Autumn semester

On September 15, Mr. Danil Vinokurov was elected to serve as the President of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club. He appointed Ms. Alina Vidyakina to assist him in the position of Vice-President.

Mr. Vinokurov has previously served as the Club's manager for Accountability and Vice-President. Currently, he holds the position of the Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management of the 20th Anniversary MUNRFE Annual Conference 2021. He has demonstrated his ability to lead people at the Annual Conference 2020 by winning the Outstanding Delegate award and at the National Model UN - New York 2021 as a part of the Outstanding Delegation.

Ms. Vidyakina has joined the Club in 2020 and has already proved to be a reliable person while serving as the Manager for Infrastructural Provision of the Club. Besides, Alina occupied the position of Vice-Coordinator of Social Project last summer.

Together these people will take on their shoulders the responsibility for implementing the Autumn Master-Classes and integrating newcomers into the organization. In this regard, MUNRFE wishes the new Vladivostok Club Presidential team good luck and strong stamina for the term.

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