ICJ Chairperson for 61st Session of MUNFW in San-Francisco!

Having great results and positive experience in conducting ICJ of Annual Sessions of MUNFW in San-Francisco, and being granted an opportunity to host this committee during the 61st Session of MUNFW in April 2011, MUNRFE has chosen the person, who will occupy the high position of ICJ Chair! This great responsibility is granted to Semyon Korotich!

Though Semyon has always been a Security Council delegate, he was always concentrating on the legal issues of security cases, in the discussion of which he was engaged during his numerous conferences, including SF'10 60th Session of MUNFW. His interest in ICJ made him apply for the position of ICJ Chair for the IX International MUNRFE Conference, which he received successfully, and he will run ICJ with Tatyana Fomina. We're sure that with the help of his respective and highly professional advisors - Olga Kostina, the former ICJ Chair for SF Conference and Tatyana Fomina, his SF-teammate and constant ICJ delegate, Semyon will overcome all the challenges of preparation and chairing this specific committee.

Semyon has already started his preparation, working closely with the Secretariat of the IX International MUNRFE Conference, and preparing the Issue Book for the next MUNFW Session, deepening more and more into the peculiarities of international law.

Congratulations, Semyon! You truly deserve this position! We wish you good luck in this hard task!

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