APEC Summit in Yokohama, Japan, 2010

From 8th to 14th of November, 2010 Summit of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation gathered more than 100 young leaders to brainstorm the most urgent and actual problems of the region.

Voices of the Future (VOF) is the program that has been held for 12 years and is considered to be unique, because it gives an opportunity to meet outstanding politicians, businessmen, heads of States of Asia Pacific, and talk to them.

Delegation of Russian Federation was presented by following MUNers, students of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU): Andrew Kozinets, Viktoria Vinoselova, Oleg Saparin, Irina Fedorenko and Aleksandra Tatomir. All of them, due to the successful and bright performance during APEC Youth Summit (May, 2010) were nominated by Federal Youth Agency “Rosmolodezh” to be RF youth ambassadors to Japan.

On the 9th of November, VOF opening day, the very first forum took place, dedicated to alternative energy sources development and to the role of youth in APEC. Special guest for the forum was the Mayor of Yokohama, Ms Fumiko Hayashi, parliamentary Vice-Minister for foreign affairs of Japan, Ms. Makiko Kikuta and the President of Nissan Company Mr. Hitoshi Kawaguchi. Russian team introduced the FEFU and Model United Nations of the Russian Far East during little breaks.

Closing session of APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) on the 10th of November was the ceremony where different working groups reported on such themes as “green business facilitation”, “labour mobility in APEC”, “Trans-border investment facilitation”. Special attention was stressed on the elaboration of cohesive and effective strategy for development of each particular member-economy.

APEC Voices of the Future also had the chance to ask ABAC members a couple of questions and to receive very comprehensive answers. Russian Voices asked VTB, Summa Capital, Basic Element representatives about further perspectives of Russian Far East development. The discussion undermined the development of Vladivostok as a “Window to Asia” for the RF with an intension to integrate in the region.

On 11th of November Women Symposium of APEC was held in the Nissan Headquaters . Most successful women of Asia Pacific shared their views upon the role of women in politics and economy of modern society. As a matter of fact, in the USA amount of women somehow involved in business constitutes 65%, while in Japan this number is not even over 35%. Women, being headed by the Mayor of Yokohama tried to find out possible solutions of how to combine family and career and be happy woman at the same time.

12th of November began with the opening ceremony of APEC CEO Summit, which was held in format of panel discussions among leaders of States, their ministers and representatives of other international organizations. During this day VOF had become witnesses of making historical decisions, which would contribute to the development and sustaining of well-being of Asia Pacific Rim. VOF also took part in panel discussions and Irina Fedorenko asked about social responsibility in business.

13th of November has become hot and hard simultaneously, because 9 leaders of 9 Member-economies made speeches in front of APEC Summit participants, including VOF. Despite different political and economic perspectives, all leaders agreed that APEC countries should become locomotive which would lead world economy to a new step of long-term, stable and ecologically-friendly development. Voices of the Future program ended up with the cultural festival.

Russian students introduced Asian Pacific youth with traditional Russian suit which made a lot of fun and bright impressions. Having considered high level of preparation of Russian team and shown active position, Organizational Committee of APEC Summit awarded 5 members of MUNRFE with special diplomas. Moreover, Committee expressed its support and a hope that FEFU could become main Russian “University in touch” for contemporary cooperation and for selection of future Russian delegates to APEC VOF.

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