Olga Kostina - Chairperson of ICJ at 60th MUNFW Session in San-Francico

Olga KostinaMUNRFE!

Finally, the name of a person, who will occupy the high position of ICJ chair for SF’10 60th Session of MUNFW was announced! This committee will be hosted by our delegation for the first time, and a great honor to create and endorse it to MUNFW sessions is in the hands of Olga Kostina!

Olga has always shown her devotion and passion in organizing ICJ not only at MUNRFE Conferences but also on an international level. She became the best delegate in ICJ at the 6th International Conference what gave her an opportunity to become a member of SF Team 2008. She also was the chairperson of this committee at the 7th IC, so she has experience in organizing this committee, and now she is the person, who truly deserves this position.

Olga, take our sincere congratulations, and good luck in your hard task!




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