Secretariat of the VIII Int. MUNRFE Conference is announced.

The Secretariat of the VIII International MUNRFE Conference has been announced.

Secretary-General: Eduard Romanenko

General Assembly chairpersons: Olga Rudakova (Under Secretary-General on political affairs), Daria Bulatova

Security Council chairpersons: Vladislav Sklyanov (Under Secretary-General on security issues), Vera Serdyukova

World Bank chairperson: Igor Novikov

International Court of Justice chairperson: Elena Buglo

Peacebuilding Commission chairpersons: Polina Karimova, Ekaterina Chernenko


As you can see, the fifth committee is the Peacebuilding Commission. The choice of the fifth committee is justified by the fact that this is a brand-new and one of the most successful UN bodies so far. It fulfills the UN's loophole in peacemaking-peacekeeping-peacebuilding continuum. Being an advisory body, the Peacebuilding Commission incorporates both security and development mandates. In the frames of the VIII MUNRFE Conference this committee will allow not only to touch an important issue of peacebuilding explicitly and in all its aspects, but will bring great cooperation between economic, security and other UN bodies.

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