The II (XX) Assembly met at the Far Eastern Federal University

On December 12, the II (XX) MUNRFE Assembly started its work on the premises of Far Eastern Federal University. The meeting was presided by MUNRFE Advisory Council Chairman Ms. Alexandra Kosyreva.

The Assembly was opened with the welcoming address «MUNRFE 20th Anniversary – a look through» by Ms. Kosyreva who warmly recalled to the history of the Organization highlighting its rapid development since the establishment and its growing importance not only on the Russian Far East but also on the national level and abroad. After the opening, the participants considered the amendments to the MUNRFE Charter, adopted the MUNRFE Code of Conduct, and elaborated the 5-years Development Program of the Organization, including short- and long-term plans.

According to MUNRFE Charter, the Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Organization that makes fundamental and strategic decisions

The Assembly was comprised of:

MUNRFE Advisory Council (Ms. Alexandra Kosyreva, Chairman, Mr. Aleksei Stanonis, Executive Director (ex-officio));

MUNRFE Board (Ms. Daria Zlydar, Assistant ED);

Vladivostok Club Presidential Team (Ms. Polina Dolgopolova and Ms. Tatiana Akuneeva);

Blagoveshchensk Club President (Ms. Anna Ivankina);

Executive Office (Ms. Christina Tolmacheva, Senior Associate for Public Relations, Ms. Alexandra Chernysheva, Associate for Development, Ms. Anastasia Bezotosova, Junior Associate for Public Relations)

MUNRFE alumni (Mr. Andrey Kozinetz, former Director, Ms. Marina Katynskaya, former Vice-President of the Blagoveshchensk Club)

MUNRFE expresses its hope for the successful year of 2021 and further years of its prosperity as well as appreciates the contribution made by the Assembly participants to the developments of the Organization.

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