MUNRFE at the BRICS Youth SDG Forum

On December 14-16, MUNRFE Executive Director Mr. Aleksei Stanonis took part in the BRICS Youth SDG Forum on behalf of the Youth Envoy of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 9. The event was conducted for the first time with the aim to promote the participation of young people in generating effective and innovative ideas for achieving the SDGs by 2030. The organizers of the Forum were represented by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, National Youth Council of Russia, BRICS Youth Energy Agency, and MIREA — Russian Technological University.

On the first day of the forum, the program of the Forum was dedicated to the topic «Youth in the Developing World as a Driver for Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the New Decade». It included two plenary sessions: “Unlocking the Potential of Youth and Forging Closer BRICS Youth Cooperation to Ensure Accelerated Action for Sustainable Development” and #BRICSYouth2030 “BRICS Youth: Shaping a Sustainable Future Together”. Welcoming addresses to the participants of the Forum were also made by guests of honor, including Ms. Jayathma Wickramanayake, UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Director of the UN Information Center in Moscow, Alexey Borisov, Deputy Chairperson of the UN Association of Russia, Victoria Panova, Managing Director of the National Committee on BRICS Research, Scientific Supervisor of the BRICS Russia Expert Council. From the BRICS countries, the plenary session was addressed by Ms. Emilly Coelho, National Youth Secretary of Brazil, and Mr. Jia Tiesong, Deputy Director of the China International Youth Exchange Center.

The second part of the program “BRICS Youth: Shaping a Sustainable Future Together” session served as a platform for exchanging knowledge about the implementation of projects in the sphere of sustainable development and successful practices of engaging young people in the achievement of the SDGs at the national, regional and international levels. Mr. Stanonis along with other representatives of youth NGOs and SDG activists from Brazil, China, India, Russia, and South Africa discussed the prospects of further BRICS youth cooperation aimed at shaping a sustainable future for all and presented their own initiatives.

MUNRFE highly appreciates its fruitful cooperation with BRICS and deeply hopes to meet more joint initiatives in the nearest future.

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