MUNRFE developed the skills of FEFU students at the "Advanced Leadership School"

Students developed their competencies at the MUNRFE Advanced Leadership School (ALS), which was held on 6-7 February 2021 in a hybrid format. The program included lectures, workshops, and master-classes on project management tips, PR campaign strategies, design, and secrets of effective mentorship. In order to brush up on their memory and structure the information in their heads, participants passed a written exam on the contents of lectures. Overall, 11 students boosted their skills and competencies in several fields during the past ALS.

During the first day, participants of the ALS dived deep into the updated MUNRFE Charter and Code of Conduct and discussed significant pillars of MUNRFE values including Leadership, Professionalism, Teamwork, and others. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Aleksei Stanonis, MUNRFE Executive Director.

After that, the participants learned more about Mentorship and situational leadership. As for the first lecture, it gave an outlook on the main characteristics of an experienced Adviser as well as techniques used while working with mentees. The other lecture gave an insight into 4 styles of leadership and how to work with people who have different development levels. These two important topics were discussed with Ms. Daria Zlydar, MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director.

During the second day, the PR strategy and methods were presented, namely Social Media, Web-sites, mini-presentations, personal communication, information letters. Moreover, the participants uncovered tips on how to fill in the grant application.

The highlight of the day was the Design workshop hosted by Mr. Ivan Kumets. Participants designed their own VK banner in the Figma program. Then, they got invaluable feedback from Ivan that will be the basis for the future design of the projects.

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