MUNRFE Executive Director is elected to the FEFU Academic Council

On January 21, MUNRFE Executive Director Mr. Aleksei Stanonis was elected as a member of the Far Eastern Federal University Academic Council, and on March 4 joined the Standing Commission for the Educational Activities.

Previously Aleksei and three more individuals have been nominated in December 2020 at the Conference of students of the Far Eastern Federal University. Thus, Mr. Aleksei Stanonis has become a successor of Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova (MUNRFE former ED) and Mr. Vitaly Savenkov (former Chairman of the Advisory Council) who had been the members of the FEFU Academic Council previously.

The FEFU Academic Council is a collegial body that exercises general management of the university: it determines promising areas of development, reviews and makes decisions on educational, research, and other activities, on international cooperation, makes decisions on the creation and liquidation of structural divisions of the University.

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