New Presidential Team of the Blagoveshchensk Club

On October 24, the MUNRFE Blagoveshchensk Club elected Ms. Elizaveta Ermolina as the new President, and Ms. Elizaveta Klimenkova will assist her as the Vice-President.

Ms. Ermolina joined MUNRFE in 2018. Since then, she has shown her competence and reliability on numerous occasions by working with members of the Club, which earned her their trust and support. The new President participated in three MUNRFE Conferences, including MUNRFE Annual Conferences (2019, 2022) and Far Eastern Model UN 2022.

Ms. Klimenkova has become a part of MUNRFE in 2021 and participated in two MUNRFE Conferences, Far Eastern Model UN 2022 and 21st MUNRFE Annual Conference 2022. In the eyes of the Club members, she has earned the image of a leader who is characterized by responsibility and hard work.

MUNRFE congratulates these two bright ladies on their newly acquired positions and wishes them every success.

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