Acting Executive Director is Appointed

On December 12, Mr. Aleksei Stanonis has left the position of the MUNRFE Executive Director. Ms. Maria Chizhova is appointed as the Acting Executive Director.

Previously Maria served as the Deputy Executive Director (September – December 2022) and Assistant Executive Director (June – September 2022).

Ms. Maria Chizhova joined MUNRFE in 2021 as a member of the Vladivostok Club. As a delegate, she participated in the FEFU Model Shanghai Cooperation Organization 2020 and further in three MUNRFE Conferences: the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2020, the Far Eastern Model UN 2021, and the 20th Anniversary MUNRFE Annual Conference 2021, when she was recognized as the recipient of Outstanding Delegate award.

Then Maria has also performed as the Secretary-General of Far Eastern Model UN 2022 and the Chairperson of the UN Environment Assembly at the 21st MUNRFE Annual Conference 2022.

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